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The Different Types of Christmas Tree Explained!

While most people do not give much thought to the Christmas tree, there are various types of Christmas trees available these days. If you are thinking of getting something different than your usual Christmas tree, or simply want to get more familiar with the available options, be sure to read in the information provided by Spotlight.

What Is the Norway Spruce?

Even though the origin of the Norway spruce might be quite evident, it is actually the traditional British Christmas tree. The Norway spruce was the most popular tree during Victorian times - this thanks to its delightful scent that reminds everyone of Christmas.

The Norway spruce does have a few disadvantages despite of its characteristic scent. Firstly, the spruce drops its spiky needles quite quickly and must be watered regularly to maintain its look. However, if you do not mind the maintenance, the Norway spruce could be a great idea.

What Is the Nordmann Fir?

When we think of the traditional Christmas tree, the one we see in movies and television series, we are more likely thinking about the Nordmann Fir. While this type of tree is usually a bit pricier than the Norway spruce, it does have a stunning symmetrical shape and broad needles. Its foliage is also rather soft - this makes the tree a suitable choice for homes with children and pets.

What Is the Blue Spruce?

The blue spruce can be recognised easily thanks to its silver-blue colour. Its colour makes this Christmas tree a popular choice for households who want to create a Christmas room with cool colours. There is a downside though, since the needles of the blue spruce are quite prickly - this makes the tree less suitable for households with children and pets. Despite that, the tree does have good symmetry, enabling you to create a stunning Christmas tree display.

What Is the Fraser Fir?

If quick needle dropping is a problem with your current Christmas tree, the Fraser Fir could be a wonderful alternative. One of the most popular Christmas trees in the United States, the Fraser fir is known for its long lifespan as well as its unique aromatic fragrance. It also has a narrow base - this ensures that even smaller homes can enjoy the beauty of a Fraser fir Christmas tree.

What Is the Serbian Spruce?

The Serbian spruce is quite similar to the Norway spruce, but there is a distinct difference between both trees not many people are aware of. Opposed to the Norway spruce, the Serbian spruce has a blue tone to the underside of the needle. They also have a slender appearance, making them more suitable for smaller home with little space for a large Christmas tree.

What Is a Douglas Fir?

Douglas firs were extremely popular in the 1920's, but their use was quite limited to the United States. Even though they have been forgotten somewhat, Douglas firs are a recommendation due to their outstanding needle retention and their delightful citrus aroma.

What Other Types of Christmas Trees Are Available Today?

There are other Christmas trees available that could look amazing in your home - this includes trees such as the Lodgepole pine, noble fir, and scots pine. Also, if you are not a big fan of needle clean-ups, you can get any of these tree types in a plastic version too. So, you are not obligated to get the real thing.

Plastic trees can be more affordable and less messy, so many people choose a plastic tree instead. The scent of a real tree can also be replicated in the home, so the choice of tree is truly down to personal preference.



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