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Different types of fragrance diffusers

Fragrance or scent diffusion is a clean, modern method for using aromatic and essential oils to uplift and transform the ambience in your home and add something special to your home decorating. You can choose from the following diffusion styles:

Reed diffuser - where natural reeds or sticks are used to absorb the oils and then diffuse into the air.
Candle diffuser - where a candle is used to heat the oil and diffuse into the air - a popular type of diffuser because of the atmosphere flickering candles create (note: never leave candles unattended).

Diffusing stones - where porous stones are used to absorb the oil and gradually diffuse into the air without the need for power or a heat source.

Plug-in diffuser - where a fragrance vessel is attached to a power socket using electricity to push the aroma across the home.

All you need to know about reed diffusers

People often choose reed diffusers because they are unobtrusive and don't need to be plugged into power sockets. This means they can be positioned and moved around the home as you see fit. Reed diffusers can also last up to a year before the fragrance fully evaporates.

Refilling reed diffusers

You can save money and ensure an endless supply of your favourite scent by purchasing reed diffuser refills. Don't top up half-used reed diffusers - wait until all the original fragrance oil has evaporated before refilling to maintain the integrity and freshness of the aroma.

Lifespan of reeds

Once your fragrance has evaporated, your reeds should be discarded, so you will need to purchase new reeds as part of the refilling process. You can always dry out used reeds and tuck them away in your clothing drawers to get more mileage out of their scent.

Replacing reed diffusers

Reed diffusers can be refilled and replenished with new reeds as many times as you wish. However, if you would like to try a different scent, you will need to replace the diffuser or buy a new one. Only use the same oil when refilling diffusers to avoid cross-pollination of scents.

Refreshing reed diffusers

Turning the reeds upside-down in the oil helps refresh the scent and make it stronger. You can turn your reeds often but, the more you turn them, the quicker you will use up the oil. Similarly, if you position the diffuser in front of an open window or air source, the oil will evaporate faster.

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