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What Is The Difference Between Fondant, Icing And Paste?

Many of us use these terms interchangeably, but there are some stark differences between these mixtures that you should know.

  • Fondant - this edible sugar dough is usually made from sugar, water and gelatin to make it more pliable. It dries soft and is easy to colour, and you can use it to make simple shapes and figures. It isn't recommended for creating fine details and shapes as it tears easily and can dry out if you're not careful.
  • Icing - made primarily from sugar and water and used as a glaze, although icing, butter and vanilla can be whipped to create buttercream frosting instead. Easy to colour, icing hardens once applied and can be applied in swirls, peaks and waves using a cake spatula or a piping bag.
  • Paste - gum paste is made from sugar, water and Gum-Tex powder. This makes it very strong, although it starts out as a pliable dough. It can be used to create fine details and figures and can be rolled out very thin for delicate crafting.

    If you don't wish to make your own, you can find a great range of premade icing and over the top buttercream, ready made fondant and premade gum paste here at Spotlight, including popular brands like Wilton fondant, Robert's buttercream icing and Satin Ice gum paste. You can also buy royal icing in a variety of colours and flavours here, perfect for adding to cookies and biscuits.

    Handy Tips For Working With Ready Made Fondant, Premade Icing And Gum Paste

    Give your desserts a professional finish using these expert decorating tips!

    Tips For Using Fondant:

    • Never flip your fondant as you roll it out. Instead, just turn it to prevent sticking.
    • Cover your workstation with cornstarch or powdered sugar before rolling out the fondant.
    • Fondant attracts lint and dust, so clean your workstation, wear an apron and roll up your sleeves before working.
    • Soften your fondant with a drop or two of water. Harden fondant with some confectioners sugar or Gum Tex powder.
    • Use gel colouring for colour. Liquid colouring can destabilise fondant, so avoid it!
    • Store fondant at room temperature wrapped in cling wrap.

    Tips For Using Icing:

    • Make icing thicker with extra icing sugar, and thinner with water.
    • Cool your cake before icing. Icing on a warm cake will melt and run off!
    • Add a 'crumb coat' (a very thin coat of icing) before icing to prevent crumbs from infiltrating your icing layer.
    • If using coca to flavour icing, sift it through first, otherwise your icing may be clumpy.
    • Use a cake turntable and angled spatula to apply your icing in one smooth, continuous layer.
    • A piping bag and special nozzle can be used to create flowers, leaves, stars and other shapes with icing.

    Tips For Using Gum paste:

    • Keep any gum paste you aren't using wrapped up, as it can dry out quickly.
    • Knead gum paste until it is very soft before rolling it out.
    • Gum paste dries very hard and while it technically can be eaten, we don't recommend it.
    • Use gel paste to add colour, as liquid will destabilise the paste.
    • If you have a lot of gum paste to roll out, try using a pasta roller! Make sure to dust the rollers with cornstarch before using.
    • Use a hand steamer (not the kettle!) to add a shiny sheen to your finished gum paste shapes.

    Have fun experimenting with these mixtures to create gorgeous cakes, cupcakes and slices! You can find over the top fondant at Spotlight, and we also encourage you to decorate your cakes with all kinds of decorating accessories at Spotlight including specialised tools, baking trays and other handy supplies.

    Find The Right Fondant, Icing And Pastes At Spotlight

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    If you need some technical help in creating and shaping icing, check out our guides on colouring fondant and colouring icing online. Once you are confident, test out your skills on our delicious Donut Cake project, or any of our other cake and confectionary projects!



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