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What are steamers used for?

Clothes steamers, also known as a garment steamers or simply steamers, are primarily used to remove wrinkles out of clothes and fabrics. They can be used to freshen up and remove odours from outfits that have only been lightly used or packed in a suitcase, which saves you a trip to the dry cleaner.

If you like to sew, you can also use a steamer to quickly get the wrinkles out of rolls of fabric before you start measuring and cutting. It's easier with a steamer because you simply hang the fabric and give it a few passes of steam, instead of having to press it all on an ironing board.

How do garment steamers work?

Compared to traditional clothes irons that use a heated baseplate and pressure to loosen up and stretch fabrics into shape, steamers use a continuous flow of hot steam to reach deep inside the fabric which relaxes the fibres quickly without having to apply any additional pressure. This eliminates the chances of scorch marks on your clothing and is essential for delicate fabrics like silk which clothes irons can easily burn through.

What are the different types of steamers?

When most people think of garment steamers, they think of floor standing steamers that have a large base with a steam nozzle attached to it, which are similar in design to industrial models.

Handheld steamers are a more modern iteration of the garment steamer and are about the size of a regular clothes iron. Portable garment steamers can even be easily packed with your luggage and used anywhere there's an electrical outlet.

Some clothes irons now also have a vertical steamer feature which mimic how a garment steamer works. However, you'll usually have to repeatedly press the steam button on these clothes irons to get steam to come out, compared to traditional garment steamers where you always have a continuous flow of steam.

What ironing and laundry products can I find at Spotlight Stores?

Spotlight Stores offers a complete range of household appliances and accessories that make washing, drying and ironing clothes and fabrics hassle free and feel less like a chore.

Browse our online collection or visit one of our retail stores and you'll find everything you'll need to iron your clothes at home. We have steam irons and ironing boards, as well as ironing board covers so you'll always have a clean and smooth surface to iron your clothes on. We also sell cleaners that will get rid of any residue from your iron's baseplate so it will last longer and always glide smoothly across any fabric.

For the laundry room, we offer laundry hampers and baskets in different sizes and designs so you'll always have a place to store your dirty clothes. You'll also find containers for your powdered detergents and cleaning supplies that not only look good, but will keep all your laundry essentials safe and organised. We also have cleaning products for your washing machine and stain removers for clothes.

Our range of airers and drying racks let you easily dry out your clothes when it's raining out or if you don't want to use your dryer. Our airers can be used both inside and outside the house, and can be easily folded up for storage.



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