Book Week Costume Projects 2022

Book Week Costume Projects 2022

Develop and nurture your child's love of reading this year during book week, which runs from August 20th to the 26th. This wonderful time of year brings children and books together with fun activities, competitions and stories, with the costume parade being one of the most well-known. You can make your DIY book week costumes on your own, but let us at Spotlight make it a little easier for you - we've selected three book week costume projects you can create at home that will take your kid's book week costume to the next level!

'Dreaming with eyes open' theme

The theme of this year's Book Week is 'dreaming with eyes open', meant to represent the joys of reading and getting into a good book. When reading a book you love, many readers find themselves imagining the events happening in their story in their mind - it's like an amazing dream, but you're awake the whole time! Bring the magic of this theme into book week with out-of-this-world activities, incredible stories and, most important of all, an incredible costume.

Book Week Costume Ideas

These book week costumes are easy for beginners to make - your kids can even help with the crafting process if they want to be involved in making their own outfits.

Mermaid Crown Project

Mermaid Crown Project

Whether your child loves The Little Mermaid or a more modern telling of these fantasy creatures, our Mermaid Crown Project is the perfect finishing touch for any mermaid-magic costume!

Harry Potter Face Paint Project

Harry Potter Face Paint Project

If it's Harry Potter costumes you're making, a realistic lightning-bolt scar will add a professional quality to the finished product. Follow the instructions for our Harry Potter Face Paint Project to make it - you can even use these instructions to make scars for any other book week characters as well.

Pirate Flag Project

Show your colours with our Pirate Flag Project, a fun sewing project that will perfectly top off any pirate costume. And don't forget to bring along some fake gold coins as well - all the successful pirates love showing off their treasure!

Find everything you need for book week characters and costumes at Spotlight

Ready to dive into Book Week? We have even more kid's craft activities that kids can make to augment their costumes, or if you are a keen sewer, check out our kid's costume patterns for a fully handmade Book Week outfit!

Find everything you need for sewing and apparel online, or head to your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team members will help you find what you need.




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