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Find Quality Needles For All Your Sewing and Creative Needs at Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can shop a huge range of hand sewing needles, sewing machine needles, quilting needles, embroidery needles, wool & yarn needles, upholstery needles and much more. No matter your craft, you can find the right needle at low prices. Read the complete guide on how to choose the right sewing needle right here and shop online today. We stock value pack needles and professional quality needles for your sewing, crafting and household needs.

Discover the Range of Needles and Accessories Available

There are so many different types of needles, here is a break down of the popular needles in our range:

  • Sewing machine needles: find the perfect sewing machine needle for you, we stock a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your machine.
  • Hand sewing needles: everyone needs some handy hand sewing needles which are great for small jobs and repairs at home.
  • Upholstery needles: these special curved needles are designed for precision and sharpness for heavyweight fabrics.
  • Wool & yarn needles: are thick blunt needles to help you sew your knitted pieces together - perfect for your needle craft projects.
  • Embroidery and tapestry needles: enjoy your craft with the right embroidery needles.
  • Quilting needles: we have both hand quilting needles and quilting machine needles.
  • Beading needles: shop beading needles for precise jewellery-making at home.
  • Darning needles: darning needles are long in shape and great for detailed darning projects.
  • Leather needles: constructed with extra durability to pierce through thick leather.

Sewing Needles FAQs

What type of needle is best for hand sewing?

For hand sewing soft fabrics such as cotton or polyester, a simple hand sew needle is the best. These are very affordable and often come in large packs so you'll always have one handy. Commonly known as 'sharps needles', these are great for everyday sewing projects.

What size needle is best for sewing thick fabric?

For sewing thick fabrics such as denim, upholstery fabric or canvas, consider a specialty denim needle for optimal sharpness and durability.

Are there other tools and sewing accessories I should consider?

Yes, tools such as a needle threader, thread scissors, thimbles and a pin cushion are all essential for your sewing projects. You should also consider a sewing storage box to keep all your essentials organised.

Shop Sewing Needles Online or In-Store at Spotlight

Spotlight has an incredible range of sewing needles available for all your needs. Browse the entire sewing supplies range along with great value fabrics for any project you have in mind. Find FREE sewing project sheets right here at Spotlight and get inspired today. Our Ideas Blog also has heaps for helpful tips and advice for your sewing journey, some articles you may enjoy include Five Sewing Projects For Beginners and Tips And Tricks For Sewing Fleece And Flannelette. Shop sewing needles online and enjoy the convenience of click and collect or visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop the collection in person. Spotlight is here to help you achieve your creative goals and enjoy the fun of sewing every day!



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