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How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine Needles? Find Out at Spotlight!

Crafters who regularly use their sewing machine for crafting always need a good supply of sewing machine needles. But how do you choose the best sewing machine needles for your crafts? Get familiar with sewing machine needles below, and find out how to choose the best ones for your needs.

What Are the Different Parts of the Sewing Machine Needle?

Before you start choosing your new sewing machine needles, it is a good idea to get familiar with the parts of the needle. A sewing machine needle contains different parts - this includes the shank, blade, shaft, point, and scarf.

The shank of a sewing machine needle is the part of the needle that will be put in your sewing machine, while the blade of the needle will determine the size. For example, if you buy a needle in size 65, it means the needle will have a diameter of 0.65 millimetres. The point and shaft of your needle is straightforward, but the scarf may need some additional clarification. The scarf is the indent on the back of the needle - this is the place where the bobbin hook picks up the thread.

What Are the Different Needle Types Available Today?

When you start looking for new needles for your sewing machine, you will immediately notice that there are different types. The common needle types you will find for a sewing machine are displayed in detail below.

The Universal Needle

One of the most common types of needle. It is characterised by a rounded tip, which makes the needle quite suitable for woven materials as well as knitted fabrics.

The Jersey Needle

A Jersey needle is a special needle used for knitted fabrics. It is characterised by a ballpoint tip, which makes it easier to insert it between knit fibres of fabric. While some other needles would get damaged, the unique design of the Jersey needle enables you to easily work with knitted materials.

The Stretch Needle

A stretch needle looks quite like a Jersey needle, since this type of needle also has the characteristic ballpoint tip. However, the stretch needle has a different eye and a unique scarf, which are designed to work with stretch fabrics as well as elastics. Therefore, the stretch needle is perfect for garments such as swimwear.

The Specialty Needle

Aside from the three different types of needles, there are various types of specialty needles too. Specialty needles you may find in stores, including needles for denim, leather, suede, top stitching, needlepoint, embroidery, quilting, and more. So, if you are working with a difficult material, be sure to look out for these specialty needles.

What Size of Needle Do I Need for My Project?

When you look at needle sizes, it is important to know that there are two different types - this includes the American size and the European size. American needles are available in sizes 8 to 90, while European size needles come in sizes 60 to 120. However, many needles will mention both size types on the packaging material.

The size of a needle will refer to the size of the needle blade. So, the higher the number, the larger the blade of the needle will be. However, do not forget that there is a difference in sewing needles for industrial machines and home sewing machines. So, be sure to check for the letter H on the packaging for a home sewing machine.

How Long Does the Average Sewing Machine Needle Last?

Many people are surprised when their needle only lasts for a couple of hours of sewing, but this is completely normal. Even though sewing needles are the most affordable parts of your sewing machine, they are also the most delicate. Therefore, it is likely your needles will only last six hours, depending on the material you are working with.

Choosing the right needle for the fabric you are working with helps, but you still need to replace your sewing needles regularly. Fortunately, sewing needles are quite affordable, so a regular replacement will not break your bank. You can also count on Spotlight, who provides the most affordable range of sewing machine needles in Australia.

What Sewing Machine Needles Are Available at Spotlight?

Spotlight has an incredible range of sewing machine needles available - this includes the types of sewing needles and specialty needles mentioned in this article. We also offer sewing needles in both American and European sizes for your convenience.



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