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Cut, Engrave & Style With Ease Using The Right Cutting Machine Blades & Tips

Whether you're looking for Cricut replacement blades or want to expand your crafting repertoire, Spotlight has a huge range of blades and tips to suit your crafting machine. Find scoring wheels, foil transfer tips, rotary blades and housings to suit cutting machines by Cricut, Brother & Silhouette in our extensive selection. The right cutting blade ensures crisp, clean and accurate cuts through your rolls & materials. The range also includes pen holders to suit craft machine pens & markers, as well as scoring wheels and embossing tips to decorate your chosen materials. Explore the range at Spotlight today to keep your smart cutting machine in the best working order, while extending your machine's capabilities for a variety of crafting applications.

Explore A Variety Of Blades & Tips For Every Material

Cutting and craft machines come with a huge range of supporting accessories. Here are just a few of the different cutting blades and machine tips you can explore:

  • Deep Blades: Deep-cutting blades in the range include the Cricut Deep Point Blade and the Brother Scan N Cut Deep Blade. These sturdy cutting blades are specially designed to cut thick materials like felt, denim, thick cardstock, magnet sheets and even leather.
  • Fine Point Blades: For more delicate materials or projects requiring intricate and precise cuts, choose a Cricut Fine Point Blade or a Brother Thin Fabric Auto Blade. They're suited for use with delicate fabrics and light to medium-weight materials.
  • Embossing & Debossing Tips: Create raised and textured designs with embossing and debossing tips. The Cricut Fine Debossing Tip features a fine rolling tip to create intricate and detailed designs on a range of cardstock materials.
  • Engraving Tips: If you have a Cricut Maker Machine, then the Cricut Engraving Tool is a wonderful way to add monogrammed designs to flat materials like soft metals, acrylic plastic and leather.
  • Scoring Wheels: When the aim is to lightly score your materials without cutting, then choose a Cricut Scoring Wheel. Use a scoring wheel to create score-and-fold projects for cards and 3D paper crafts.

Craft Machine Cutting Blades & Tips FAQs

How long do Cricut blades last?

On average a Cricut blade or other craft machine cutting blade will last around 6 weeks to 2 months with average use. If you use your machine frequently you may need to change the blade at the shortest intervals. Keep a stash handy to avoid any last-minute dashes for a replacement blade or tip!

How often should I replace my craft machine cutting blade?

Change the cutting blade or tip of your craft machine as soon as you notice that the cuts in your chosen material are no longer crisp and clean.

What else do I need to know about choosing craft machine cutting blades?

When choosing your cutting machine blades and tips you must also make sure you have the correct corresponding blade holder or housing. Check the compatibility of the blade or tip with your machine model, as some are designed for use with later craft machine models. Some blade types and craft machine material types also need to be used with the correct cutting machine mat for best results.

Shop Essential Craft Machine Blades & Tips At Spotlight

No matter which crafting machine makes and models you favour, you can find all the necessary replacement blades and housings at Spotlight. Explore the complete selection of paper craft tools, machines & accessories online, where you can shop all your cutting machine essentials and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your purchases. You can also shop for the best craft machines and craft machine accessories by Cricut, Brother, Siser and more at your nearest Spotlight store. Check out our FREE Cricut machine projects online for some great creative inspiration. And remember, Spotlight VIPs enjoy great benefits like exclusive discounts and advance sales notifications, so make sure you sign up for free today!



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