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Spotlight's Ultimate Curtain Buying Guide

One of the things you must research before you buy is a new set of curtains. After all, you want to make sure they are the right size and that they provide the features you are looking for. So, buying curtains for the first time might not be as straightforward as you first thought. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight's ultimate curtain buying guide, which provides you with all the essential information you need for the right curtains.

What Are My Different Options When I Purchase Curtains?

Without going into too much detail, there are a variety of curtains you can choose from when you are looking for window treatments, this includes ready-made curtains, made to measure, and fabrics to create your own curtains. Evidently, creating your own curtains can often be the most affordable option, but not everyone is as creatively inclined. In that case, ready-made curtains can be an option too, although they may be a little bigger or smaller than you wanted, mainly because these curtains come in pre-determined sizes. If you are concerned about the size, you can purchase made to measure curtains, although you might have to wait a little longer for these curtains to arrive, as they need to be altered before they are sent out to you.

What Curtain Headings Are Being Sold Today?

One thing to consider about your new set of curtains is its heading. The heading determines the overall look of your curtains, but it also influences how the curtains are held in place on a rod or a track. Here are the most common types of curtain headings you can encounter today.

Pencil pleat curtains - These types of curtains are characterised by fabric folded together, resembling a row of pencils. Most people who buy a pencil pleat curtain are looking to achieve fulness in their curtains. They are attached to curtain rings on a track.

Pinch pleat curtains - Pinch pleat curtains may sound similar to pencil pleat curtains, but they look more formal and luxurious. They are the types of curtains you choose when you are looking for that tailored finish. However, pinch pleat curtains usually require a little more maintenance, as any wrinkles or additional folds can hurt the overall look of these curtains.

Eyelet curtains - Eyelet curtains are some of the most popular in existence. They can only be used on a curtain pole, this since this curtain design comes with eyelets that have a standard diameter of four centimetres. However, you can get variations that are slightly bigger or smaller, so always check the size of the eyelets to ensure they will fit your curtain pole.

Can I Get Different Linings For My Curtains?

It is possible to acquire curtains with variable lining materials. These lining materials have a function, as they can alter the amount of light and warmth that comes through them.

Standard curtain lining - For most curtains, a standard curtain lining is made from 100% cotton, although this material may vary depending on the fabric your curtains are made of. Cotton does provide some of the largest amounts of benefits, as it causes a lovely drape for the entire curtain.

Polyester and cotton curtain lining - If you do not have the budget for curtains with a cotton lining, then you could consider a blend of polyester and cotton instead. Since polyester is a manmade material, it is much cheaper to obtain. Evidently, this influences the price you pay for your curtains.

Blackout curtain lining - This option is extremely popular for bedrooms, as blackout lining prevents the sunlight from entering a room. The lining also protects the remainder of your curtain fabric against sunlight, which reduces the chance of colour fading.

Thermal curtain lining - If you have a problem keeping heat inside your home, then thermal lined curtains could provide you with a solution. As the name suggests, thermal lining prevents heat from escaping through your windows, this is why thermal curtain lining is incredibly popular among those with single-glazed homes. Thermal lining can also be used with a variety of curtain fabrics, so beautiful curtains with an additional thermal curtain lining are relatively easy to find and affordable to boot.



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