It's such a simple tool but a good craft hole punch or paper punch can raise your arts and crafts game to another level.

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Having an arts and crafts hobby is a great way to relieve stress and develop an outlet for your creative side. Adding paper punchers to your craft toolkit helps with bring a further touch of flair and sophistication - what paper art fans call 'embellishments' - to your paper-based craft projects.

With a paper hole punch, you can cut and style lace-inspired borders, punch out shapes such as squares, triangles and circles, and also produce heart, animal or star-shaped confetti in different sizes.

Because of the wide range of shapes, sizes and designs achievable with a hole punch, it's not surprising that one of the most popular paper art projects is making your own greeting cards and gift tags. Not only does it give you the freedom to express yourself but it's also a fantastic way to show someone how special they are by creating a greeting card, event invitation or gift tag design that is just for them.

Producing decorative flowers with a hole punch is another a popular project for paper craft enthusiasts, as well as designing scrapbooks and stencils that can be used over and over again on a range of projects and designs.

Additionally, paper and hole punchers can be used as tools in the time-honoured art of decoupage. Dating back to 17th century France, decoupage is the application of paper to furniture and other decorative objects with adhesives and glues, although it's so much easier to make the shapes nowadays thanks to paper punchers.

Other cutting tools & accessories

Cutting tools

As well as hole punchers, complete your toolkit with quality, purpose-designed cutting tools that ensure a clean edge to your craft projects every time. Other cutting accessories like cutting mats and trimmers simplify the process even more.

Knives and blades

Knives and blades are another important addition to your cutting toolkit but blunt or damaged blades will hinder rather than help your crafting. Our massive selection of new and replacement blades means your craftwork process will always be sharp.

Basic craft supplies

We've got a massive range of paper craft, scrapbooking and basic craft supplies that make it a breeze to get down to action whenever the creative bug bites without having to run all over town to find what you need.

Storage solutions

Good storage solutions not only go a long way to helping keep your craft space neat and smoothly organised but they can keep knives, scissors and dangerous cutting tools safely out of the reach of little hands.

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