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Explore a massive selection of flannelette fabric at Spotlight, where you can find the perfect colours and print designs to complement any DIY creation. Whether you're sewing pjs, cushions, blankets or even a pet bed, flannelette's sumptuous soft texture is perfect for making anything cosy and warm. Discover vibrant plain coloured flannelette and fun kid-oriented prints to create a huge range of garments, soft furnishings, cuddly toys and more. Our printed flannelette comes in tartan checks, polka dots, animal-themed designs, stripes, paisleys and so much more. No matter what your project theme or preferred colour palette, you're sure to find the best quality cotton flannelette at Spotlight. Shop the range of flannelette fabric online and in-store today!

Explore Flannelette For Every Sewing & Craft Project

Flannelette is extremely versatile and a great choice for making all types of crafts and projects from quilts, to toys, home items, casual clothing, sleeping bags, sleepwear, slippers, scarves and hats, and even pet wear. In addition, it can be used as a lining or interlining material for adding warmth properties to a project. The soft texture and lightweight breathability of flannelette make it ideal for a huge range of sewing and craft applications. If you're wondering just what to make with flannelette fabric, check out some of Spotlight's FREE flannelette-based projects, complete with downloadable project sheets and easy-to-follow instructions:

Flannelette Fabric FAQs

What is flannelette?

Flannelette is a fabric that's cosy and warm, yet lightweight and breathable. It has a napped finish on one side (or sometimes on both sides) which gives it a soft feel. Flannelette fabric lends itself extremely well to the making of nightwear, shirts, and sheets or pillowcases for colder times of the year, as well as for other craft items and objects for use around the home.

What is flannelette made of?

Flannelette is a fabric made from cotton fibres. They're woven into a lightweight fabric that is then brushed to create a soft, fuzzy surface that's super soft against the skin. As flannelette is a cotton material it has all the benefits that cotton fibres bring to garments and textile decor - it's breathable, absorbent and easy to launder.

What is the difference between flannel and flannelette?

The terms flannel and flannelette are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are a couple of key differences between the two fabrics. Flannel fabric is typically made from wool fibres or wool/cotton blends. On the other hand, flannelette fabric is made from 100% cotton and has been bruised to create its distinctive soft texture.

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Find the perfect flannelette for your crafts at Spotlight, and make cosy pyjamas, pillowcases, soft toys and more. We have all your sewing & fabrics needs covered at Spotlight, where you can find sewing machines & overlockers, dressmaking scissors, sewing threads, sewing patterns and a massive selection of dress & apparel fabrics for every occasion. Make your purchases online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order, or explore the range at your local Spotlight store. Sign up and save with a Spotlight VIP membership, for access to exclusive discounts and advance sales notifications. If you're looking for some more creative inspiration make sure you check out our Create blogs as well as our free Sewing Projects online.



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