Flannelette Dog Bed Project

Level: Intermediate


  • *4.5m of 112cm wide printed flannelette
  • 8m of 150cm minky dot fleece fabric
  • Hobby fill
  • Scissors, pins, hand needle
  • Matching sewing threads
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron

*Allow more fabric if pattern matching.

Use a 1.5cm seam allowance unless stated otherwise



* If using a directional patterned fabric, ensure that pattern pieces are all cut out in the same direction.

Cut out 4 of the small side panels from flannelette

Cut out 4 of the large side panels from flannelette

Cut out 8 of the tie pieces from flannelette

Cut out 1 of base from flannelette (base)

Cut out 1 of base from minky dot fleece (inside top)

Step 1 - With right sides facing, fold each tie piece in half aligning the long edges and the short side edges. Sew the long edges together and one of the short ends, leaving the other side end open.

Step 2 - Clip corners and trim seam to 1cm wide. Turn tie right way out through end opening.

Step 3 - Press ties flat.

Step 4 - With raw edges even, pin each tie to top of two of the short side pieces and two of long side panels as indicated on the template provided. Stitch together 1cm in from outer side edges.

Step 5 - With right sides facing, stitch one short side with no ties to one short side with ties together at the top and on one side. Stitch the other side together leaving a 10cm opening in the centre.

Step 6 - Repeat the same process for the remaining two short side panels.

Step 7 - Repeat the same process again for the long side panels.

Step 8 - Clip corners and turn each side right way out through the open base of each side.

Step 9 - Press each side flat ensuring corners are square and ties are secure within seam stitching.

Step 10 - With right sides facing, pin the raw edges of one of the small side panels to the middle one of the smaller side edges of the flannelette base (there should be 1.5cm excess on either side of side panel). Sew together through all layers.

Step 11 - Stitch all remaining side panels to the corresponding sides of the flannelette base in the same manner, ensuring all side panels meet evenly at the corners.

Step 12 - Fold all side panels and ties into the centre of the flannelette base.

Step 13 - With right sides facing, place the minky base piece over the top of the folding in side panels and pin the outer raw edges together.

Step 14 - Stitch outer edges together, through all layers over the previous stitching line, leaving a 20cm gap in the centre of one of the short sides.

Step 15 - Clip corners and turn right side out through the opening.

Step 16 - Stuff the base with hobby fill to desired fullness. Hand sew opening closed.

Step 17 - Stuff each side panel with hobby fill to desired fullness. Hand sew openings closed.

Step 18 - Connect each side panel together by tying the tie together at the corners.



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