In Bloom Resin Flower Accessories Project

Level: Intermediate

What you'll need:


Dry Flower with Silica gel

Step 1 - Trim the stems, and pat flowers dry.

Tip- For the best quality, use fresh flowers.

Step 2 - Pour a layer of gel into airtight container about 1cm thick. Then, place the flowers in the container (face up) and add more crystals in and around the petals until fully covered but not submerged completely. Seal the lid closed when done and set the container in a dry place.

Step 3 - After a week, most flowers will dehydrate enough to remove from the silica gel.

Step 4 - Once completely dry you can remove petals from buds to start the next step.

Tip - Though silica gel is non-toxic, I recommend wearing a mask and using gloves when handling the product. As you pour the gel into the container, it can create fine dust that you won't want to inhale.

Coat petals in resin

Step 1 - Squirt UV resin on the dried petals. Use a small brush to spread the layer of resin.

Step 2 - Place the petals under a UV light to cure the resin. Repeat layer if required. Make sure you cover both side of petals. Add ticker layer on the edge of petal where you will attach the jump ring to make sure it is strong enough to use.

Tip - Dry UV resin in layer is better, this will ensure resin cured properly. You can cure UV resin under direct sunlight.

Step 3 - Drill a hole on one of the edges of the petal where the jump ring going to be.

Double Petal earring stud

Step 1 - Add a jump ring onto the petals, then attach on basic eye pins.

Step 2 - Trim the length of basic eye pin so that one of petal will sit shorter than the other.

Step 3 - Bend the other end of the pin to make a loop. Attach the two -eye pin with jump ring then attach them to round earring stud.

Step 4- Repeat for the other side.

Petal earring hoop

Step 1 - To create a petal earring hoop, add jump ring on petals and insert to earring hoop.

Petal necklace

Step 1 - To make the necklace, add a jump ring and a basic head pin onto one of the petals. Adjust the length, cut and make a loop.

Step 2 - Cut the curb chain to your desired length - add lobster clasp.

Step 3 - Assemble the two petals in the middle of the curb chain.



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