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Colour your world with this sensational collection of specialty paint supplies, including chalk paint, fabric paint, glass paint and other art paint.

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Specialty paint for your special projects

Traditional art paints are extremely versatile, however, there are still many craft pursuits where you might need a specific finish or you're painting a material where only a purpose-made paint will do the job - think glass, home furnishings and interior decor objects, and fabrics such as cotton, silk and synthetics.

Fabric paint

While fabric paint and regular acrylics are both water-based, fabric paint differs in its ability to bond tightly to fabrics. Fabric paint is perfect for giving plain-dye t-shirts, tote bags and textile projects - cushions and pillows, wall hangings, bed linen, and throw rugs and blankets - some decorative touches.

Often, fabric paint needs some help from a hairdryer or steam press to complete the bonding process.

Glass paint

Like fabric paint, glass paint is designed to form a much tighter bond with a glass surface than regular acrylic paint so your glass artwork will last longer. Popular glass painting projects are colouring frosted windows, drinking glasses and storage or mason jars.

A good tip to bear in mind with glass painting is to let your brush glide over the surface. The thicker the coat of paint you lay down, the more it will level off and reduce the number of brushstrokes needed.

Chalk paint

Popular with home crafters and DIY fans for its versatility and 'chalky' finish, chalk paint is an ultra-matte acrylic that requires minimal surface prep work and gives home d├ęcor projects - picture and mirror frames, dining tables, candleholders, vases and side tables - that unmistakably 'aged' and 'shabby chic' look.

A world of art paints and painting supplies

Paint brushes and brush sets

Whatever your project, the right paint brushes and paint sets will make everything much easier and more enjoyable.

Acrylic paints and paint sets

The go-to choice for many artists, acrylic paints dazzle with their deep, exciting colours, and are versatile enough to be used on almost any surface that doesn't require a speciality paint.

Acrylic paint pouring mediums

Specialty compounds - like resins and primers for wood and canvas, retarders for delaying the drying time of acrylics and oils, and gels - create a range of different textures and finishes.

Oil paints, paint sets and supplies

Ever-popular oil paints are perfect for beginners and artists who like to work at a relaxed speed because they take longer to dry.

Watercolour paints and paint sets

Free from harsh chemicals, watercolour paints and art sets bring light and breezy tones to your art, and are unbeatable when it comes to affordability and making clean-up easy.

Painting canvases and art boards

Canvases and art boards of all shapes, sizes and paint mediums will have you creating amazing works of art in no time.

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