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Mix And Paint With A Paint Palette Knife From Spotlight

Paint palette knives are a fun way to apply and mix paint that's different from a paintbrush, and you can find a great variety of palette knife sets right here at Spotlight. Our paint palette knives come in plastic or wood and metal variations, with a great range of shapes and sizes available.

Our paint palette knives come from brands like Jasart and Semco, which are known for providing painting supplies you can trust!

Painting knife vs palette knife

The terms 'painting knife' and 'palette knife' are often used interchangeably, but they actually mean two different things. A palette knife is a thin, straight knife you use to mix colours on your painting palette, while a painting knife is a knife with a bend in it that you use to apply the paint to your canvas. The bend keeps your knuckles out of the paint, and they have different shaped heads to allow you to create different strokes and techniques as you work.

Paint palette knife FAQs

What is a palette knife?

A palette knife is a small, straight knife with a rounded tip that is usually made from plastic or metal. They are used to mix paints together on your palette to create new colours. They can also be used to scrape paint off of a palette when you're finished painting.

How to use a palette knife for acrylic paint

Some acrylic paints may be too thin to mix and apply using a palette or painting knife, so you may like to look for impasto or heavy-body acrylic paints if you plan on applying them with a knife. You can also mix your acrylic paint with a gel or impasto medium to thicken it up if needed.

How to clean a paint palette knife

If you have used your paint palette knife with acrylic paint, wash the acrylic paint off before it dries using warm water and a bit of mild dish soap if needed. If you need to clean an oil painting palette knife, wipe it off using a paper towel or a soft cloth. If it has dried, you can use acetone to remove the paint.

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Find the right palette knives at Spotlight

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