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Add vibrant colours to your art projects with art paints at Spotlight. Shop high-quality art paints & pigments from leading brands online or in-store.

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Unleash Your Inner Artist With Art Paints From Spotlight

The range of art paints at Spotlight will delight artists of all ages and experiences! We've got a huge range of quality artist's paints, from dewy watercolours to thick and creamy oil paints, all coming in an amazing variety of colours.

You can find all the art supplies you need at Spotlight to create your next masterpiece, as well as handy art and craft supplies for extra special projects. Keep an eye out for beloved brands like Reeves and Jasart for art paint supplies you can rely on.

Paint like a pro with Spotlight

We've got an amazing range of paint and painting supplies for you to choose from, which allows you to find everything you need for your next project in one place.

Start with your surface - will you paint on paper, a board or canvas? Then decide if you will be applying your colour paints with a palette knife or paintbrush. Finally, choose your paint - will you go with the classic acrylic art paint or a more unusual gouache paint? No matter what you need, it's all in our paint and painting supplies category!

Art paint FAQs

What are the different types of paints for art?

At Spotlight, you can find four types of art paint - watercolour, oil, gouache and acrylic art paint. We also have specialty paints that can apply special effects to your artwork like glow-in-the-dark or a honeycomb effect.

What are art paint mediums?

Paint mediums are special additives you can mix with your paint to give it an extra-special quality. Effects like a matte or gloss finish, extra thickness and impasto effects, an increase in fluidity or a crackle texture are all possible. Mediums should not alter the colour of your paint.

Can I use art paints for crafts?

If you are painting a craft project, we recommend using our craft paints that have been designed for this purpose. Craft paints will adhere better to surfaces like fabric, ceramics, brick, wood and leather than art paints will, which are designed for smooth, porous surfaces like paper, card and canvas.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other types of art supplies we think you should check out, including:

  • Inks: Create exquisite linework and calligraphy with our range of beautiful artist's inks. Can be used with a brush, dip pen, airbrush or calligraphy pen.
  • Fluid art supplies: You can pour our fluid paint to make otherworldly flow art using any of our fluid art supplies. Check out our guide to flow painting for more help with this kind of art!
  • Paint palettes: Keep your paint colours close at hand and within easy reach in any of our wonderful paint palettes. They're easy to clean and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs.

Make sure to browse our paint sets for a good collection of colours and brushes you can purchase in one handy pack.

Find the right art paints at Spotlight

Ready to start painting? Browse our art paint supplies online, pay your way and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right kind of art paint supplies for your next project.

Read our paint mediums, paintbrushes and paper and card buying guides to ensure you're getting everything you need while you're shopping with us. And for more painting ideas and inspiration, read our blogs on acrylic paint mediums, mixing paint colours and the different types of paintbrushes and how to choose one.



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