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Create that sparky effect on your artwork with the shimmering glitter paints at Spotlight. Shop glitter paints online for your next craft project.

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Shimmer And Shine With Glitter Paints From Spotlight

There's no project that can't be improved with a little glitter - and at Spotlight, our range of glitter paint ensures there's always a suitable glitter paint colour available for your project.

Our acrylic glitter paints are easy to apply and pack a punch on any surface - from brands such as Clubhouse and DecoArt, our glitter paints are high-quality and easy to use for all artists.

Fine vs chunky glitter paints

You'll notice our glitter paints come in two varieties - chunky and fine. Here's a quick rundown on each:

  • Fine glitter paint is silky smooth and easy to work with. The glitter particles are very small, almost like dust, so this paint goes on easily and creates a subtle shine on your paper, card or whatever it is you're painting on.
  • Chunky glitter paint has glitter in sizeable pieces suspended in the paint, sometimes with many different sizes in one bottle! Chunky glitter paint has a wonderfully textured and layered look that will draw eyes to your project.

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Glitter paint FAQs

What is glitter paint?

Glitter paint is an acrylic paint that has glitter particles mixed into it. Acrylic glitter paint can be used on paper, card and canvas, as well as on surfaces like pottery and wood. For decorating your clothes try a fabric glitter paint instead of an acrylic one.

How to apply glitter paint

Glitter paint can be applied using a paintbrush just like normal acrylic paint, although you can also use tools like rollers and sponges to add different textures as well. Make sure to clean your tools thoroughly after use so no glitter particles remain trapped!

How to remove glitter paint

Glitter paint can be lifted while wet using a piece of cloth or paper towel. Try to not let it dry, as, like normal acrylic paint, acrylic glitter paint becomes permanent and water-resistant once dry.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have a few other interesting types of craft paint we think you should investigate, including:

  • Fabric paints: Ideal for use on clothing and fabric homewares, these paints will sink into the fibres of your material for a bold and permanent finish. There are also crystal, puffy, neon and glow fabric paints available.
  • Metallic paints: Give your project a more luxurious look with some gold, silver, copper, emerald, cobalt and amethyst metallic paints.
  • Specialty paints: These paints create special effects once dry, like a hammered or honeycomb look, in a range of pretty shades.

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Find the right glitter paints at Spotlight

Ready to get glittery? Grab your art supplies online, pay your way and we'll deliver your acrylic glitter paints straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best paper and fabric glitter paints for your needs.

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