Canvas fabric or material is useful for DIY projects including blinds, furniture covers or bags! Browse our durable and versatile range at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase canvas fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, browse our collection of canvas fabrics that are suitable for indoor use as well as our weatherproof canvas fabrics that can be used on the patio, in the garden, as well as in caravans, on boats and in many other different places. You will find plain, striped and patterned canvas in our range in various colours to suit your decor and style.

How canvas fabric made and what is is it used for?

Canvas is a very sturdy and durable plain-woven fabric that is often used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and other items for which strong fabric is required. It is also popular with artists as a painting surface, typically when stretched across a wooden frame, as well as being used for many fashion items including shoes, handbags, shopping totes etc. Canvas fabric can be treated to become weatherproof and water-resistant. Originally this was done by rubbing the canvas cloth with wax, but more modern treatments are also in use these days.

What can I do with the canvas that is available from Spotlight?

As stated above, canvas fabric has a large number of uses including fashion, interior design, camping and artistic. It makes great cushions and covers for outdoor furniture such as garden chairs, swing benches, tablecloths, awnings, parasols and more. You can even make outdoor beanbags, kids play tents and covers to protect your garden through the winter months from weatherproof canvas. Plain canvas fabric is ideal for making sturdy shoulder and shopping bags, storage items and decorative objects.

What else do I need to know about canvas fabric?

Because canvas is quite thick and heavy, you will need to have a sharp needle to get through the fabric for sewing. Not all household sewing machines can cope with canvas, and your sewing machine will need to be equipped with special needles that are suitable for canvas, leather and such, as well as strong, preferably nylon, thread, for sewing. Fastenings can include zips, or metal poppers that can be pressed into the canvas with a specialist tool.

How do I care for canvas fabric?

Canvas can usually be cleaned with warm water and soap to get rid of stains and surface dirt, but if you have specially weather-proofed canvas, make sure that you do not get rid of any water-repelling properties by cleaning the canvas. Special chemicals are available to clean and re-proof canvas tents and other outdoor or marine canvas items.

Does Spotlight stock other fabrics as well as canvas?

Yes, Spotlight has a large collection of different types of fabrics that includes everything from dressmaking and tailoring fabrics to curtain and blind fabrics, interior design fabrics, craft fabrics and general purpose fabrics. All our fabrics are available by the metre or in pre-cut quantities, at great prices, so please browse the whole range today to see what is on offer.



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