Fringe Tassels

Add the final touch to your next interior design project with Spotlight's trendy fringe tassels! Shop fringes & cords to make tie backs for your curtains!

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Can I purchase fringe and tassels at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight has a wonderful range of tassels, tasselled fringe, bobble fringe and more furnishing trims for you to finish a variety of sewing projects. Ideal for cushions, curtains, blinds and other interior furnishings, trim and tassels allow you to give the finishing touches to your project and give it that designer look. Can also be used for vintage clothing, handbags and other accessories.

What type of tassels are available at Spotlight?

You have a choice of many different designs to suit both modern and classic interiors, and a huge range of colours including soft pastel tints, rich jewel colours and contemporary bright shades. Available to buy singly, you can get as many as you need to finish off curtain tie-backs, cushions, or throws. Tassels are also a great look tied to a large key in your internal doors, or locks on bureaus, drawers and the like. The possibilities are endless!

What about the different types of trim in this range?

With so many different types of trim to choose from, you will have no trouble complementing your home-made curtains, blinds, cushions and throws. Choose from classic fringe trim, artistic beaded trim or playful pom-pom trims in a range of colours to put the finishing touches to your project. If you do not want anything that sticks out too much, you can also find our mini loop and brush fringes in this range, which will provide a neat finish without adding depth.

Do you sell other furnishing trims too?

Here at Spotlight, you can also find cord and braid to complement your sewing projects, in various thicknesses and widths. Cord can be sued to give cushions a professional finish, while the different types of braid can be used to put a decorative edging on many different soft furnishings.

How do I look after tassels?

Tassels do not do very well in the washing machine or tumble dryer, therefore it is advisable to hand wash any items with tassels on them if at all possible. If you do have to use the washing machine, make sure you tie your tassels together with some string, to minimise the risk of them unravelling during the wash and if possible wash the items inside out to protect the tassels, or see if it is possible to remove the tassels and refasten them after washing.



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