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Get More from Batik Quilting with This Batik Fabric Guide

One of the recent trends to come to the forefront is quilting with batik fabric. However, this fabric has been around longer than you think. In fact, the fabric has a history that dates back 2000 years. If you want to get the most out of your batik fabric, be sure to read the information below.

What Is Batik Fabric?

Batik fabric is a special type of dyed fabric. Batik is made by using wax in certain patterns on the material - this shields some parts of the fabric against the dye. In turn, it creates some wonderful patterns and unique designs that can make any project look amazing.

The unique waxing and dying process of Batik fabric enables fabric manufacturers to create a marbled or a mottled effect. Naturally, this gives the fabric countless applications for crafts outside of quilting, including fashion design. One designer who uses Batik fabric in her collections is Alison Glass.

Should I Prepare the Fabric Before Quilting or Sewing?

Batik fabrics are a little harder to work with than most fabrics - this because of the dense thread count and the tight weave the material has. However, the thread count and tight weave are necessary, since this type of fabric undergoes serious dyeing processes.

The intense dyeing process, thread count, and unique weave of Batik fabric comes with some additional advantages for your quilting and sewing projects. Even though the material is harder to work with, it does provide more durability and frays a lot less than other fabrics. The dyeing process also pre-shrinks the material, so the material will shrink less than other fabrics on their first wash.

Before you start sewing or quilting with Batik fabric, it is certainly advised to pre-wash the fabric - this will prevent the dye from running. Some Batik fabrics can be machine-washed, but most of them will require a hand wash.

After you have washed the fabric, do not put Batik in the tumble dryer immediately. Check the label if the fabric can withstand tumble drying and only put it on the lowest heat setting. If the Batik cannot go in the tumble dryer, air dry your fabric and avoid contact with any direct sunlight.

Once you have washed and dried the material, make sure you have a sharp and strong needle available for your project. Remember, Batik is a little stronger than the average fabric.

What Is the Right Side of Batik?

Finding the right side of the Batik fabric may seem like an impossible task, but there is an easy way to determine which side is the right one. Always look for the side with the clearest design and less fussy edges.

Some crafters would argue there is no right side when it comes to Batik, because both sides of the fabric could be used for a variety of crafting projects. This is true, so you do not necessarily have to identify the right side to get the most from this versatile fabric.

What Colours Are Commonly Used for Batik Fabrics?

Since Batik is believed to originate from Asia, it is no surprise that the dye colours commonly used for Batik fabrics are indigo blue and brown. The dyes used on genuine Batik fabrics are always made from plants. Still, you will also find modern Batik fabrics with bolder and richer colours, but if you want the true Batik experience, indigo blue and brown will be the colours to look out for.

When Is Batik the Recommended Fabric Choice for Crafting Projects?

There are many different projects that could benefit from using Batik fabric. Of course, it does depend on the type of Batik fabric you have obtained. If you choose a Batik fabric with a subtle pattern, you could use the fabric as a background print or for texture. If you have a Batik fabric with a bolder print, then you can use it as an accent on a project.

Considering the strength and the versatility of the material, Batik is popular as a border or a binding material. The fabric is also used in garment sewing and fashion design in general.

Naturally, Batik is a popular material for quilting too - this because of its amazing design and its strength. Since Batik quilting is so popular in Australia, you will also have no problems finding countless patterns online.

Does Spotlight Offer More Quilting Fabrics?

Spotlight provides a large variety of quilting fabrics - this includes Batik, but also other fabrics such as cotton, silk, and more. If you want to get more familiar with our range, be sure to check out our catalogue today.

Do you have a question about Batik fabric? Or looking for something specific in our fabrics collection? Do not hesitate to contact the fabric experts at Spotlight.



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