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Make tailoring a lot easier with these tailoring aids including iron rest pads, pin cushions and more. Buy these handy tailoring aids from Spotlight.

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Uncover the Best Tailoring Aids Now Available at Spotlight!

Even advanced tailors like to have some supplies that can make their projects easier. To ensure every tailor gets the tailoring aids they need, Spotlight offers one of the largest collections of aids in Australia. Curious which ones you should consider for your tailoring supplies collection? Check out our recommendations below!

What Is the First Recommended Tailoring Aid?

One of the first recommendations for tailors is an iron rest, since an iron is commonly used in this craft. However, many tailors end up leaving their iron in an unsafe place, which often leads to accidents. With one of the iron rests from Spotlight, this problem belongs to the past.

From our tailoring aids collection, we suggest the Birch Silicone Iron Rest Pad. As the name suggests, the rest pad is made from tough silicone material. The silicone protects any underlaying material from the heat of the iron and features a good design that fits almost anywhere!

What Is the Second Recommended Tailoring Aid?

Another tailoring aid that we recommend for most tailors is a pair of eyelet pliers. Even though the eyelet pliers are more commonly used by jewellery makers, it does prove useful for some fashion designs every now and again.

Eyelet pliers can be used for a variety of things by tailors. Firstly, the pliers can be used to create a lace effect on garments - this gives fashion designers loads of options when it comes to their new designs. Secondly, it can also be used to bend some metal-like materials used in a garment.

Of course, eyelet pliers may prove useful for other types of crafts too. If you are not solely focussed on tailoring, then you could also use these pliers for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and other papercrafts. It is also a useful tool for detailed jewellery-making projects.

What Is the Third Recommended Tailoring Aid?

The third tailoring aid we recommend for all tailors is a seam ripper. A seam ripper is a special tool that enables you to rip some stitches easily, so it certainly becomes indispensable for a tailor.

Most seam rippers consist of a handle, shaft, and head. The head of the seam ripper is characterised by a fork shape and blade, which is specifically designed to rip the seams close and without damaging the material.

At Spotlight, customers can get various seam rippers. Some of the seam rippers have a design that slightly deviates from the original - this is usually done to make the seam ripper more suitable for a specific craft. So, no matter which craft you need a seam ripper for, be sure to check the options at Spotlight.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Tailoring Aid?

Our fourth recommendation is considered a tailoring aid, but we see it more as an essential, since our next suggestion is a good measuring tape. Every tailor needs a measuring tape, because accurate measurements make the difference between a good fit or not.

Naturally, a measuring tape used in tailoring is quite different from the measuring tape used in building. The tailoring measuring tape is extremely flexible, while measuring tapes used in building are more stiff and strong. Fortunately, you can get both at Spotlight. So, if you have a building project as well as a tailoring project, you can add both to your collection thanks to Spotlight.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Tailoring Aid?

Our fifth recommendation for the tailor is a good pin cushion. In fact, we usually recommend several pin cushions for tailors, because you simply cannot have enough of these in your tailoring studio.

A pin cushion is a small cushion specifically designed to keep your needles and clothing pins safe. It is commonly used as a quick base for needles and pins while taking measurements or making alterations to tailored outfits.

At Spotlight, customers can find many pin cushions. We have the traditional pin cushion with its characteristic look, but also some novelty pin cushions that will look fantastic in your crafting room or tailoring studio.

In addition to pin cushions, we also provide long-term storage solutions for needles and pins - this enables you to keep your more expensive supplies safe when they are not being used for a longer period. So, be sure to check out these storage options too.

What Other Tailoring Aids Does Spotlight Suggest?

There are many other tailoring aids available at Spotlight - this includes magnetic needle nests, storage bags, pin collectors, and a bunch of other tools that could prove useful for any tailor. To check out our entire collection, please head over to our haberdashery range.

Do you have a question about any of our tailoring aids? Or do you need some suggestions for a specific project? Contact Spotlight today and speak to our representatives for some assistance.



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