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Shop Quality Micador Paints And Art Supplies at Spotlight

Micador began in Australia in 1952, and since then has become known for its commitment to helping people do their best, as well as its strong focus on using environmental materials and practices in the sourcing of its products.

Micador creates art supplies for beginner and expert artists of all ages, including paints, markers, crayons and brushes that are easy to use and effective in their design.

Are Micador Art Supplies Suitable For Children?

Micador sells art and craft supplies suitable for all ages, and that includes children! Spotlight is delighted to offer you a huge range of Micador's Early stART products that have been specially designed for use by one to four year old kids. Each has been designed with the utmost care to ensure the safety of your child as they use it, and also so they can have fun! Early stART products are made for little hands, so small kids will have a blast using brushes, paints and even tools like scissors and glue on their own. Micador paints for children are non-toxic and easy to wash out of fabrics, making them perfect for finger painting!

What Other Art Supplies Can I Find At Spotlight?

Complement your Micador markers and paints with some of our other art supplies:

  • Art storage - keep your paints, brushes, papers and other art tools clean, tidy and within easy reach using our amazing range of art storage supplies. These include trolleys, drawers, shelves, divided boxes and more!
  • Painting supplies - you can find everything you need to create some stunning artwork in our art supplies, including all kinds of paints, quality brushes, mediums and specialist tools.
  • Visual diaries - whether it's for sketching ideas on the go or creating a beautiful portfolio of work, our visual diaries are the perfect tools for the job!

Find The Right Micador Supplies At Spotlight

Whether you need artist-level paints or safe scissors for your child, Micador has the art supplies for you. You can find our whole range of Micador paints online, where you can choose from a variety of payment options for your order, as well as enjoy the convenience of home delivery. You can also visit your local Spotlight store, and our friendly team will help you find the right Micador markers and paints for you!

If you need some inspiration on what to make with your Micador paints, markers and tools, check out our amazing create blog online, as well as our handy projects page.



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