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How Do I Decorate A Nursery For Maximum Efficiency?

A nursery should be beautiful as well as functional. Since there are many things to take into consideration, we have created a guide that can help you to make your nursery the best ever. So, if you do not know how to get started, be sure to run through our top tips below.

Is There A Specific Location Where I Should Put The Changing Table?

The changing table should become the most important part of your nursery, so you should actually arrange the nursery around the changing table. For example, make sure that your changing table is close to supplies such as baby wipes and diapers. If you have stored these in a specific dresser in the nursery, it is recommended to put the changing table within reach of the dresser.

Why Is It Important Not To Put Too Much Stuff In The Nursery?

Your nursery should not contain too much stuff, because you have to be able to manoeuvre around with a baby in your arms. So, putting things in the middle of the room and having lots of clutter around will certainly not help.

One of the things that can help you keep clutter and supplies to a minimum is getting plenty of storage space for your nursery. You can store diapers and baby wipes in a dedicated dresser or a drawer on the changing table. Naturally, you should also have functional storage space for baby clothes and toys. So, plan your functional storage options carefully beforehand.

How Can I Protect The Walls In The Nursery?

Many parents can tell you that the walls in the nursery can be quite susceptible to stains, especially during diaper changes when your changing table is standing against the wall. If you want to avoid problems with the walls of your nursery, it could be a good idea to look at so-called washable paper. Washable paper enables you to remove any unwanted stains with the greatest of ease, and it keeps the walls of the nursery pristine.

Should I Add Any Special Nightlights?

A common mistake made by parents is choosing a nightlight that is simply too bright. For a good night sleep, the nursery should be sufficiently dark, this means that overly bright nightlights are not recommended.

Fortunately, there are many special nightlights the provide you with better visibility, but do not influence the sleeping environment as much. To keep the room sufficiently dark during day naps, you should also have the right curtains installed. Evidently, curtains that completely block out sunlight during the day will be recommended.

Is It Wise To Choose A Theme Before The Baby Is Born?

Many parents stick with a general design for the nursery, often because they do not know the sex of the baby until the baby is born. If you do not want to know until the baby is born either, you can still choose a theme for the baby room.

There are plenty of themes that are gender-neutral, this includes baby animals, rainbows, and other similar themes. The same applies to colours. While you would traditionally choose pink for a girl and blue for a boy, it is no problem to choose neutral colours such as yellow, grey, and green.

Where Should I Put The Crib?

A common mistake by parents is placing the crib too close to the door, this is often done as parents feel it is safer. However, a small creaky sound when you open the door could be enough to wake the baby, especially if he or she is a light sleeper. It is often better to put the crib further in the room, this also prevents any light from the hallway falling on the crib and waking up the little one.

Should I Store All Baby Stuff In The Nursery?

You do not have to store absolutely everything in the nursery. For example, you can store some baby shampoo and baby wash in the bathroom, while you keep the nappy balm and talcum powder in the nursery. You can also put a lot of your child's toys and playmat in the living room, this enables you to keep your little one close to you when it is playtime.



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