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Choose from fun decorative wall art, interesting frames, table lamps and colourful wall stickers to decorate any kids room. Shop with Spotlight today!

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Can I buy Kid's Decorative Items from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are decorating a child's bedroom, then there are so many cool and colourful items within this collection that would look perfect. They are guaranteed to love these funky accessories in their space. With such a huge choice available, plus bargains galore and our guaranteed low prices across the entire range, you are certain to find just about everything that you could possibly need to transform your little one's bedroom.

What is included in this range?

This range features tons of decorative items and accessories that would be ideal for a child's bedroom. Whatever the size of the room or budget, there are so many fabulous and practical options to choose from at Spotlight. If you are not quite sure which of our children's decor would be right for your child's room, check out our handy guide below for everything that is included in this range.

Wall Art: We have a wide variety of bright and colourful wall art available that would be ideal. Pick one with an empowering message that reminds your little one just how amazing they are or choose one of our colourful character designs.

Lights and Lamps: this selection includes a range of LED lights that would make an ideal night light for a child that is fearful of the dark or as a soft reading lamp.

Blankets: With soft blankets, luxurious throws, and even a fabulous sequinned mermaid tail, these incredible blankets are great for keeping their toes nice and toasty.

Clocks: Your child will always know what time it is with one of these awesome clocks in their bedroom. If you are shopping for a younger child's room, then we recommend choosing one that has numbers on it while they are learning to tell the time.

Photo Frames: There are so many super cute photo frames to choose from. Pop in a photo of the whole family or their group of friends for a cute personalised touch.

These are just examples of the fantastic options in this selection, with a collection of other decorative items available that will add a unique and unusual style to your child's room, including mirrors, animal heads, storage solutions and more.

Do you have any tips for decorating a child's room?

If you are looking to transform your child's bedroom, then we have just about everything that you could need at Spotlight. The most important thing is to let your child choose, their room should reflect their fun personalities, and if they love it they are more likely to want to spend time in it. Be creative with your choices and provide a place that will encourage them to be creative too. Think about space! Your child should have room to play, and too much furniture or decorative items may restrict this. Keep it simple and provide plenty of storage so that they are able to keep all of their toys and belongings organised.

Children often change their minds about what they like as they grow up, and painting your child's bedroom in white or in primary colours means that you will be able to change their rooms easily by just replacing the soft furnishings and decorative items as they grow.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

Always check to see if the product you have chosen is suitable for the age of your child. Always ensure that you choose items that do not have small parts for younger children. We would also like to remind customers that while we try to ensure that photographs are as accurate as possible, the reproduction of colours may differ due to monitor calibration. We try to match our colours and patterns as close to the image shown on your screen as possible, but we cannot always guarantee a 100% match.



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