Cross Stitch kits

Spotlight offers a fine selection of cross stitch kits & starter packs for beginners as well as advanced hobbyists. Shop our cross stitch range today!

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Can I purchase Cross Stitch Kits from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are looking for a new challenge, wanting to try out a new hobby, or a seasoned pro, then our cross stitch kits could be a perfect choice. At Spotlight, we have lots of high-quality cross stitch kits to choose from, in a wide range of styles and designs. Whether you would prefer a magical unicorn or any other cute character, a beautiful landscape, realistic animals, or just about anything else, then we have the cross stitch kit for you. Simply shop online directly through our safe and secure website or call into your local Spotlight store today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a fabulous array of cross stitch kits, including scenes, cute characters and animals, and so much more. We have a huge selection of cross stitch kits available, including those suitable for children and beginners as well as those for the more advanced hobbyist. Detailed landscapes, realistic animals, and floral displays amongst many more. Our cross stitch kits are made from high-quality cotton material and will provide you with everything that you need to capture these glorious images through the joys of cross stitching. This collection also includes embroidery patterns, felt kits, crochet kits, and more. Plus with our guaranteed low prices across the whole range, you can make stunning embroidery to hang in your home without breaking the bank.

Would a Cross Stitch Kit make a good gift?

Yes, it would! If you are shopping for great gift ideas for someone who loves to sew or do needlework, then a cross stitch kit would be an excellent choice. Pick one that features their favourite animal or an image that you know that they will love. Some of our cross stitch kits would also make great gifts for children, and learning to complete the kit would be a great way to develop all-important life skills as well as providing a real sense of achievement. Whether you are looking for rainy day activities or entertainment in the long summer holidays, kids will love receiving one of these awesome kits as a gift. Whether you are shopping for a gift that loved one that would like to learn a new skill or someone who is a seasoned hobbyist, then a cross stitch kit would make a great gift that they are sure to love.

Do you have any tips for doing Cross Stitch?

If you are new to the art of cross stitch, then fear not! This awesome hobby really is easier than it looks, and you will be sewing away in no time at all. It is always important to wash your hands before touching the fabric or thread, to prevent any stains or oils from getting onto your fabric. Start with an easy project, and work your way up to the kits that have more intricate detail. We always advise customers to read the instructions thoroughly prior to beginning your project. Start at the centre of the piece and work your way outwards. We recommend that you avoid using long strands of thread, and do not pull too hard if your thread starts to tangle or knot. If your fabric starts to fray as you are working, tape the edges or use a fabric glue to prevent it from becoming tangled. If you are not quite sure how the stitch should be, then you could practice on a piece of scrap fabric before you start. Finally, always work in a well-lit space. Cross stitch is fiddly work, and you should not strain your eyes working in poor lighting.



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