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Which Printed Decorator Fabrics Should I Use For My Upholstery?

There are many printed decorator fabrics to choose from at Spotlight, but which are best for your upholstery? Fact of the matter is, printed decorator fabrics can be made from various materials, this includes linen, cotton, and even vinyl. These materials can have certain properties, providing advantages and disadvantages for your upholstery. So, let us take a look at common materials used in decorator fabrics and when to use them for your upholstery?

When Should I Use Silk For My Upholstery?

Silk is a beautiful material that carries the preference of many homeowners when it comes to their upholstery projects. Silk is luxurious and durable, but it does have a disadvantage when it comes down to maintenance. Most silk upholstery needs to be cleaned professionally, so do not use this kind of material in a home that is more likely to cause stains, this includes households with pets and children.

When Should I Use Nylon For My Upholstery?

Nylon is a material that is not used on its own a lot, this because it is not as suitable for upholstery on its own. However, if it is combined with other fabric fibres, it can become the most advantageous upholstery fabric around.

The benefit of nylon blends is their overall durability. They have high resistance against wrinkles and stains, and they do not fade in colour either. So, if you are looking for a good all-round upholstery fabric, nylon blends will do the trick.

When Should I Use Cotton For My Upholstery?

Cotton is another viable option for upholstery and is relatively easy to obtain, this means that the price of your upholstery fabric will remain reasonable too. Cotton provides you with good durability and a natural resistance against fading and piling. However, it is less resistant to stains and wrinkles.

Because of some of the disadvantages of regular cotton, you can count on cotton blends as well. While pure cotton might not be the family-friendliest upholstery fabric, a cotton blend usually is (this depends on the additional fabric fibre that has been used in the blend). As cotton blends are at the mercy of the second used fibre, always check the properties of the second fabric fibre in the blend to determine its suitability for your upholstery project.

When Should I Use Polyester For My Upholstery?

Polyester is a manmade fabric fibre that is known for its wrinkle resistance and reduced fading. However, polyester can feel less comfortable than some of the other fabrics mentioned today, so you will often find this particular upholstery made with a polyester fabric blend.

There are various materials that can be combined with polyester and that provide this synthetic fibre with some additional benefits. However, if you wish to avoid pilling, always make sure you do not have a combination of polyester and wool, as this combination tends to cause pilling easily.

When Should I Use Linen For My Upholstery?

Linen is an option for upholstery too, although its use is often limited in households without children or pets. Unfortunately, linen has a tendency for wrinkling and holds onto stains a little harder than other fabrics, this is why this upholstery fabric is not recommended for households that see a lot of foot traffic.

On the flipside, linen is a great upholstery material for anyone who wants to avoid fading and pilling. So, if this has been a problem for you in the past - and there is little foot traffic in your home - then linen could still be the upholstery fabric for you.

Other Upholstery Fabrics You May Encounter

We have listed a lot of popular upholstery fabrics today, but there are many others you could encounter, this includes but is not limited to: leather, wool, vinyl, acetate, acrylic, olefin, and rayon. Before you purchase your upholstery fabric, it is always a good idea to check out the properties of such fabrics beforehand, eliminating premature wear and tear on your upholstery.

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