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Have you always worked with vinyl in the past and is this the first time you hear about infusible ink? No need to worry, as Spotlight is here to assist with a full guide on Cricut infusible ink. Learn more about infusible ink below and start using it in your own custom crafting projects. Infusible Ink is a revolutionary product designed for maximum customisation and creative licence.

Infusible Ink FAQs

What is infusible ink?

Infusible ink is a special product designed for custom heat transfers onto different surfaces. Opposed to vinyl, the ink penetrates the material, which means it will not peel or fade like vinyl after repeated washes. With some infusible ink in your personal crafting collection, you can start making your own custom heat-transfer designs. Simply use some transfer sheets, infusible ink, and your creativity to make your design a reality.

How do I apply infusible ink?

Each product usually comes with the manufacturer's instructions, but Spotlight can provide you with a general idea on how infusible ink works and how it is applied.

Before you purchase your infusible ink, it is necessary to determine the material you will be working with. For example, some infusible ink is more suitable for cotton materials compared to polyesters. Once you select your fabric, you can choose the most suitable infusible ink for your project goals.

Once your ink arrives and your fabric is pre-washed, it is time to create your design! You can draw the design by hand or use a laser printer for more convenience. Please note, you will use some infusible ink transfer sheets to put your design on. When the design is applied to your transfer sheets, it is time to transfer it with heat. You can get a special machine to do this for you, but you can also use various heat-generating tools for the transfer too.

Are there special considerations for working with infusible ink?

There are some instances where you will use vinyl or iron-on instead of infusible ink, so it is important to know the limitations of this product. Of course, there are also many advantages, the biggest one being the fact it does not fade or peel like vinyl.

Most infusible inks work best on white or lighter material, this means that colours can be a limiting factor when it comes to working with infusible ink. However, manufacturers are getting better at making this product more diverse. So, there is no doubt that a product for darker fabrics will hit the market soon.

While vinyl and iron-on can be applied on almost any colour garment, you do have to consider that the lifespan of this medium is limited. Repeated washing and wear can make the design fade. Also, the removal of vinyl and iron-on is not as straight-forward.

Will infusible ink transfer to 100% cotton fabrics?

100% cotton fabrics are tricky. The reason for that is because infusible ink is designed to interact with polymers, which are usually found in manmade fibres such as polyester. In other words, infusible ink will work wonderfully on polyester, but will not work on 100% cotton. If you do have your heart set on cotton, make sure you use a blend of cotton and polyester, preferably with a higher percentage of polyester. By using a blend, the ink can still interact with the polymers in the material and transfer the ink properly.

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