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Beads are essential for your jewellery making & craft projects. At Spotlight you'll find beads & bead packs to make friendship bracelets for your besties.

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Beautiful beading ideas for every beginner

So, you're drawn to beading, but don't know where to start? Like many creative pursuits, there's plenty of inspiration and ideas out there for simple and fun beading projects that also build on your skills. Once you land on your project, you can then start selecting the fancy details like the beads and stones.

Morse code jewellery

Morse code bracelets and necklaces let you create something personal and unique, for you or for someone else, by using beads to spell out words or phrases in morse code. All you need to do is pick the message (look up 'morse code' online), the bead colours... the thread, and away you go!

Charm jewellery

Charm or daisy-chain bracelets and necklaces are also great projects to explore as a beginner to jewellery making. Like morse code jewellery, these bracelets and necklaces can use symbols that are very personal to the wearer. All you need to do is to select your charms or micro-pendants, the bead colours and the thread type.

Needle case

A beaded needle case - also called 'needle minder' - for holding your stitching needles is the perfect project for practicing beading patterns and creating something useful. You can get as intricate and fancy as you desire in creating this handy accessory for helping keep your workspace safe, neat and tidy.

Dangly earrings

Making your own earrings is a simple way to get into the swing of beading, practice key stitching patterns and express yourself through fashion. Just make sure you choose hypoallergenic jewellery findings and hardware to protect the wearer's skin.

What other jewellery making supplies can I find at Spotlight?

Beading thread, cords and strings

A successful beading project relies on having the right foundations. Choose from beading thread, cords and string such as twine, jute, wire, leather, satin and wax rope cord to create durable, beaded jewellery without compromising on visual appeal.

Beading tools and display stands

Using the right beading tools makes creating even the most complex jewellery inspirations easier. Consider adding purpose-designed pliers, scissors and cord-cutters, beading mats and needles, and jump rings to your beading toolbox. Then proudly showcase your designs in style or simply keep your dressing table neatly organised with a display stand.

Jewellery findings, parts and components

Add the finishing touches to your beading projects or make intricate spacing simple with our jewellery findings, parts and components including bead caps, metal rings, spacers, toggles, clasps of varying sizes, crimpers for fastening, head and eye pins, and shepherd hooks.

Charms and pendants

Along with beads and stones, charms and pendants add stunning detail to your beading design projects and bracelets. Choose from popular charms like stars, butterflies, Bali leaves, keys, animals, flowers, hearts, 'best friends' and coins.

Bead storage boxes and containers

Keep all your gear in the one place with purpose-designed bead storage boxes and containers. As well as helping to find beads when you need them, they're great for clutter-free workspaces (and clutter-free minds!). Use them to take your stash with you to workshops while learning how to bead, or to work alongside family and friends.

Find the right bead packs and strands at Spotlight Australia

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