Decorative feathers can be used as hair accessories, costume embellishments, wreaths and many other crafts. Shop assorted feathers at Spotlight today!

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Can I buy Feathers from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Take a creative flight of fancy with the fabulous range of feathers available at Spotlight. Whether you are looking for large multi-packs for a truly feathery craft, large singular feathers, the cutest feathery trim, or natural feathers to make your very own quill, then you are sure to find the feathers for you amongst this fabulous collection. With such a wide choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the whole range, shop feathers at Spotlight today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a wide variety of feathers, with both natural and synthetic options available. Whether you are looking for a peacork feather, a duck, goose, or an ostrich, then you are sure to find the feather for you. There are both single packs and multi-packs available, and a rainbow of colours to choose from. Add a feathered touch to your crafty creations, make hats, embellish shoes, make your own dream catcher, or even make your very own Native American headdress. You could also use feathers to stuff pillows, toys or to provide extra insulation for your quilted blankets. Feather it up with feathers from Spotlight.

What crafts can I do with these feathers?

Feathers are utterly fabulous, and there are so many ways that you can incorporate these bright and colourful pieces into your arts and craft projects. You can stick or clip feathers anywhere you like, and they are a great way to jazz up an old pair of shoes, accessories, hats, or anywhere else. Feathers can truly embellish your millinery projects and add some gorgeous charm to your delightful hat creations. You could use them as part of your textiles project, create your very own dream catcher, or just to do fun collages with the kids.

You could also make your very own hair accessories for that bohemian look, have vibrant coloured feathers trailing from wavy locks or hot glue feathers to your headband for a cute look. Make a stunning feather wreath, a dreamcatcher or a masquerade mask to be the belle of the ball. There is simply so much that you can do with feathers, and there are so many to choose from in this fabulous collection.

Do you have any tips for working with feathers?

Well, that does depend on which of our fabulous feather products you have chosen, with both natural and synthetic options available. If your feather has got crushed or damaged in the process, you can hold it over the steam of a kettle for a few seconds and then gently brush it with your fingers for the perfect shape. Be extra careful with the steam, do not burn yourself and use tweezers or tong if you are worried about this. Sticking feathers can be a bit of a challenge, and it is important to ensure that you use the right glue for the job.

A small amount of hot glue on the stalk of the feather will keep this part down, however, if you want to stick the whole thing to wood, paper, cardboard or any other surface, then craft glue or PVA glue might be the best option. It is important to remember that you will not be able to move your feather once it has been stuck to the project, as this will damage its structural integrity. If you want a little bit more freedom, then try a spray adhesive. However, you always ensure that you work outdoors or in well-ventilated area when you are using this medium.



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