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Discover the range of adhesive tapes that are great for a variety of school and art projects. Shop for quality sticky tapes at Spotlight in store or online.

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Enjoy A Range Of Sticky And Glue Tapes From Spotlight

Tapes are a clean and easy way to stick objects together, and the range of sticky tapes and glue tapes at Spotlight ensures you can find the perfect tapes for your projects all in one convenient place.

Our tapes are designed by trusted brands such as UHU and Crafter's Choice, so you know your chosen tape will get the job done in any project. Discover double-sided glue tapes, glue dot dispensers and other adhesives here!

What is the difference between sticky tape and glue tape?

Sticky tape comes in a dispenser that unrolls the tape as you pull. Sticky tape has one sticky side, allowing you to press it down early by using your fingers on the non-sticky side.

Glue tape dispenses lines of glue from a roller. As you press the dispenser down and drag it across a surface, it creates a line of sticky glue that you can then cover with something you want to adhere to.

Sticky tape & glue tape FAQs

What is glue tape?

Glue tape is an adhesive that is dispensed via a roller on paper. The glue from a glue tape dispenser comes out in a narrow, straight line and is ideal for papercraft projects like card-making and scrapbooking. Glue tape rollers are small and thin, ideal for keeping in a pencil case.

How does glue tape work?

Adhesive glue tape can be used to bind two materials together. A glue tape roller can be used to quickly create a straight, thin line of glue on your surface. This glue will dry quickly, so make sure to firmly press your paper shape or craft accessory down onto the glue while it is still wet.

How to remove sticky tape residue

It's important to remove tape residue fast, otherwise it can attract dust and dirt. To remove tape residue, try heating it with a hair dryer to soften and lift the residue, which you can then scrape off. You can also cover the tape residue in vegetable oil or rubbing alcohol, cover it for 30 minutes and then wipe it away. Never scrub hard, as you may damage the surface the tape residue is on!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can discover a great range of craft and PVA glues at Spotlight, which include:

  • Glitter glue: Our gorgeous glitter glues come in a wide range of classic and metallic colours, and can be used to decorate all sorts of art and craft projects.
  • Fabric glue: Make minor repairs and alterations to clothes, upholstery and accessories using our range of fabric glues.
  • Glue sticks: Quick drying, non-toxic and washable, glue sticks are the perfect adhesive for use at school or in the office.

Make sure to check out the full range of glues online, which include super glues and glue gun refills.

Find the right glue tapes and sticky tapes at Spotlight

Once you've found the perfect sticky tape or glue tape roller, safely pay online and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for adhesive glue tapes and sticky tapes in person!

For more ways to use tape in art, get inspired by our fun washi tape wall project! And for more information on Spotlight's other art and craft products read through our buying guides on glues and tapes, paper and card scrapbooking.



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