How can I decorate a kid's party without spending a fortune?

The pressure of throwing a great party for kids is something all parents feel and with that also comes the pressure of throwing big bucks at it. But the success of a party doesn't necessarily equal the cost. It's all in the little details.

As part of your party planning, here are some creative party decoration ideas that will have your child's celebration looking like a million bucks, even on the smallest of budgets.

Decorating A Kids Party

Decorating with Balloons

Nothing says 'party' like balloons, which makes them an easy way to set the mood for your kid's gathering. Party balloons come in so many different styles, shapes and colours, as well as interesting character themes for something a little special. Some balloons can even be purchased in ready-made 'bouquets'.

Helium Balloons

Helium-filled balloons are simple to handle and will keep your party floating on air. You can creatively group them (e.g. on the ceiling as a centrepiece) or attach them together (e.g. with streamers, or tie them to chairs with ribbons) for maximum wow factor.

Balloon Decorating

The balloons themselves can also act as a canvas for decorating. You might let the little ones help with your DIY party decorating for an extra fun experience or even turn the balloon decorating into a party activity or game.

Here are some balloon decorating ideas:

  • Coat your balloons in glitter to make your party set-up sparkle. You can apply the glitter in a pattern using glitter paint or just dip the balloon into a glitter bath.
  • Use stickers or cut-outs on your balloons to spell the name of the birthday girl or boy, their birthday age, or create personalised balloons for all the guests.
  • Turn your balloons into balloon animals by drawing or sticking on animal faces, or add polka dots for spotty spheres.
  • Before you inflate your balloons, you might like to insert special messages or toys inside them as a surprise. Just make sure your surprises are child-friendly and don't present a choking hazard.

Tip: When it comes to blowing up masses of balloons, save your breath and use professional inflation services, or you might grab an at-home inflation kit and helium tank to help you avoid droopy balloons or tears of disappointment.

Decorating A Kids Party

Decorating the room

As well as balloons, there are many great, affordable ways to adorn your home or party venue to capture the attention and imagination of young guests.

Here are some other party decoration ideas:

Try a homemade banner celebrating the occasion. You might like to photocopy or use calligraphy to paint letters that spell the name of the guest of honour. Paste the letters onto cardboard and then string them together in a garland to hang with ribbon or string.

Crepe paper can be braided, twisted, curled or hung on walls, doors, tables or chairs. Gather it together and attach it in the centre with a rubber band. Fluff it out and curl the ends to make a pom-pom that can be used on its own or with others.

Set up a special station with a vibrant backdrop where the party guests can take photos. You can create a backdrop from bunting, streamers or handmade signs to spell out a message or name.

Wrap the birthday boy or girl's chair in streamers or ribbons to make them feel like a queen or king on their throne.

Decorating the kids' table

The star of most parties is the table setting where the cakes and goodies will be eaten, photos will be snapped and the 'Happy Birthday' song will be sang. So it goes without saying that it needs to be decorated appropriately.

Here are some kids' party table decoration ideas:

Decorating A Kids Party
  • You'll need to cover your table to protect it from spills or accidents, so why not do it in style? Lay out a tablecloth with a festive or themed pattern, or a plain cloth or paper covering with crayons or pens that invite the guests to draw their own creations.
  • Use coloured paper and other craft materials to create a centrepiece, like a paper flower bouquet, and you can scatter fun items across the table - stars, ribbons, foil trimmings or streamers. Use display containers like jars or bowls to house colourful treats, which themselves can form part of your decor.
  • Try dressing up your tableware by dipping the ends of plastic flatware in paint or glitter, or wrapping them in coloured paper. Paper or plastic plates can be bought with patterns, or you can add your own. Match your napkins to the tablecloth or character theme or cut them into fun shapes, like stars on a 'blue sky' tablecloth.

If your party has a theme, you can use a table decorating kit to help bring it to life.

There's really no end to what you can do when decorating a kid's party. Channel your inner child and bring your creativity to life. Your guests will definitely be impressed (and imagination doesn't cost anything).

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