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How can I use confetti?

Confetti is a versatile product you can display and use in many ways. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Scattered on the table - whether it's confetti or actual table scatters, table confetti is an easy way to decorate your dining area. Try not to get your confetti wet with drinks, as this can cause the clours to leech onto your table.
  • In transparent balloons - White or pastel balloons filled with confetti are gorgeous and easy to make! Use a funnel to pour some of your party confetti into the balloon - if you plan on filling your balloon with helium, don't put in too much, otherwise it won't float. Then, inflate your balloon as normal!
  • Thrown in the air - simple and effective, throwing a handful of birthday confetti into the air at the right moment can create great memories - and a fantastic photo! Always throw your confetti up in an arc and not directly at someone's face.

You can also find (or make) a confetti cannon to launch large amounts of confetti into the air - these should only be used outdoors or in a very large space.

Is confetti bad for the environment?

Confetti can be made from lots of different materials, and some of those are better for the environment than others. Metallic confetti and plastic confetti will not break down, while paper confetti and petal biodegradable confetti will break down over time. If you are having an event outdoors, please consider using paper or natural-fibre confetti, as when it is blown away you don't need to worry about its impact on the environment. Plastic confetti is fine for indoors, as long as it is collected, bundled up and properly disposed of afterwards.

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