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Keep your garments free from wrinkles in the closet or when travelling with quality suit bags at Spotlight. Shop travel garment bags online today.

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Enjoy Quality Garment Bags And Suit Bags From Spotlight

Keep your best dresses and suits in mint condition by storing them in any of the small and large garment bags from Spotlight. Whether you're keeping them safe in your wardrobe for a special occasion or need to travel with your suit for work, using a garment bag or suit bag ensures your clothing will always be smooth and in one piece when you need it.

How to travel with a garment bag

If you have a set of clothes in your travel garment bag, never store them in your suitcase. Instead, carry the bag with you and try to either hang the bag up or lie it flat as you travel. Never lay your garment down in a place where other travellers may be tempted to place their bags on top of it.

Garment bag FAQs

What is a garment bag?

A garment bag is a long, wide and flat bag designed to hold one or a few outfits inside. They have a space at the top for a coat hanger to poke through that allows you to hang the bag up while also keeping your clothing in shape.

How to fold a garment bag

An empty garment bag can be rolled or folded up to fit where you need it. Fold along the zip first and then on quarters to create a neat square, or simply fold in half along the zip and roll up for a less creased-looking bag.

How to fly with a garment bag

Do not store your travel garment bag flat in an empty overhead compartment, as people won't see it and may put their carry-on luggage on top of it. Either go to a full compartment and lie your garment bag across the top of the other bags (check with the passengers below first) or ask the cabin crew if they have a space they could hang the travel garment bag for you as you fly.

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Find the right garment bags at Spotlight

Ready to choose your garment or suit bags? Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your garment bags straight to your front door. You can also visit our local Spotlight store to choose your garment and suit bags in person.

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