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Bake To Perfection With Baking Pans And Trays From Spotlight

From savoury to sweet, baking pans and trays are a must-have piece of cookware for any kitchen, as their versatility and easy cleanup make them a favourite for all sorts of cooking. At Spotlight we're delighted to offer you a staggering variety of baking pans and trays, including square and round baking pans, small and large baking pans and plenty of handy non-stick baking pans as well. No matter your baking needs, you'll find a tray for it at Spotlight!

Types Of Baking Pans And Trays You Can Find At Spotlight

Here's a quick breakdown of the kinds of baking pans and trays we have to offer:

  • Muffin, loaf and brownie pans - these pans feature many individual wells you can place small amounts of mixture into, in order to create many small identical cakes or brownies. These pans will often have easy-release mechanisms in place so you can quickly pop out your baked goodies.
  • Deep dish pans - if you want to make an extra deep slice or cake, look for a large baking pan with a few extra centimetres of room at the bottom.
  • Springform cake pans - never stress about getting your cake out of a pan again! A springform pan pops open at the side, allowing you to free your cake from its confines with very little effort.
  • Pizza pans and crispers - thin and light, a pizza pan is the perfect choice for creating well-cooked, tasty pizzas at home. Or ensure your pizza base is crunchy with the use of a handy pizza crisper, which is a pizza pan with holes in the bottom.
  • Bundt pan - create the perfect bundt cake or loaf with a bundt pan. These round baking pans are also very useful for creating number-themed birthday cakes.
  • Quiche/tart pan - get that signature ridged border on your quiches and tarts with one of our specialty pans! A quiche or tart pan is a shallow, round baking pan with a distinctive wavy edge and loose base that makes popping the finished product out easy.
  • Baking trays - the classic baking pan is your go-to choice for baking brownies and other dessert slices, although it can also be used for creating shallow savoury dishes like pasta bake or cauliflower cheese.

Baking Pans & Trays FAQ

What is a baking pan?

A baking pan is a non-stick metal or enamel pan with raised sides used for baking in the oven. Baking pans come in square, rectangular and circular shapes, although specialty shapes, like numbers and flowers, can be found as well.

How to measure a baking pan

The best way to find out the dimensions of your baking pan is to use a stiff tape measure to determine the distance across the top of the baking pan from the inside rim on one side to the inside rim on the other side. You can check the depth by standing your tape measure in the baking dish and measuring the distance up to the rim.

If you need to find out the volume, pour water into the dish until full, then pour that water into a measuring jug.

How to clean a baking pan

Because many baking pans have a non-stick coating, you need to be careful when cleaning them so as not to damage this protective layer. Avoid harsh cleaning tools like steel wool, and instead use a mixture of home staples like baking soda, dish soap and hot water to soak and lift old stains. Baking soda and vinegar are also a good mix for lifting old stains, but always make sure you clean the tray again with water and mild dish soap afterwards to get rid of any old cleaning residue.

What Else Can I Find in the Kitchen Range At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of amazing cookware at Spotlight, including:

  • Grills and mini ovens - create crispy, crunchy and delicious food without turning on your home oven with the use of a mini oven or grill! They save power, won't heat up your whole kitchen and are small enough to be tucked away after use.
  • Utensils and gadgets - all the little tools that make food prep and cooking so much easier can be found here, including knives, cutters, shredders, peelers, mashers and more.
  • Weighing and measuring - baking requires precision, so make sure all your measurements are perfect with our weighing and measuring tools. These include scales, measuring spoons, measuring cups and measuring jugs.

Browse our baking category for everything else you need to make delicious sweet and savoury treats in the oven.

Find The Right Baking Pans And Trays At Spotlight

Ready to buy? Visit your local Spotlight store to choose your baking pans in person, or shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your baking pans to your front door. Make sure to consult our buying guides on bakeware and kitchen appliances before making any purchases. And for fun baking ideas, tips and tricks, check out our blogs on creating the ultimate birthday cake with Kat Sabbath, making icing like a pro, and all of our amazing cake and confectionary projects!



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