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Create the perfect kids' bedroom with the range of kids' bed linen from Spotlight. Shop children's bed linen for low prices online at Spotlight.

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Enjoy Quality Kids' Bed Linen From Spotlight

Make bedtime as seamless as possible with some of the best kids' bed linen at Spotlight. Our huge range of kids' bed linen and kids' bed linen sets means it's easy to find a kids' bed linen set your child will love, both in style and function.

Spotlight is known as one of the biggest and best bedding retailers in Australia - browse the kids' bed linen range and discover why yourself!

What you can find in the kids' bed linen category

Our kids' bed linen category has heaps of amazing bedding for you to choose from, including:

  • Kids' quilt covers: Our huge range of kids' quilt covers means your child is sure to find one they love! From simple block colours and patterns to prints featuring their favourite movie and TV characters, our kids' quilt covers will be the visual highlight of the bedroom.
  • Kids' coverlets and bedspreads: These light blankets cover the whole bed and dangle off the edges to provide an all-encompassing visual smorgasbord. They come with matching pillowcases too!
  • Kids' flannelette bed linen: One of the best sheet materials for winter is flannelette! Fluffy and warm, flannelette bed linen is guaranteed to keep you toasty warm all night.
  • Kids sheets: Our kids' sheets are made from quality materials like cotton and polyester, with softness and comfort a given for all. They come in a great range of colours, patterns and prints.
  • Kids' pillowcases: Our quality kids' pillowcases will ensure your child sleeps comfortably, while also helping tie the look of the bed together.

Keep an eye out for quality brands like Disney, KOO and Kids House for kids' bedding that is long-lasting and vibrant.

Kids' bed linen FAQ

What is the best kids' bed linen material?

The best kids' bed linen materials are either cotton or polyester. Kids' cotton bed linen is soft and breathable, plus it can be napped to become the super-warm flannelette. Kids' polyester bed linen is extremely soft and very easy to clean. Both are easy to colour, so you can be sure you can find some kids' bed linen in the colour they want.

What comes in kids' bed linen sets?

Kids' bed linen sets will come with a flat sheet, top sheet and pillowcase that all match. If a quilt cover is included, the quilt cover and pillowcases will match instead. You can find them in kids' single bed linen, king single, double and queen bed linen sizes.

What are the most popular kids' bed linen sets?

Some of the most popular kids' bed linen sets feature characters from pop culture media all the kids love! These include Spiderman, Minecraft and Disney princess prints. More generic patterns that are very popular feature work trucks, animals like dogs, cats and birds, as well as flowers.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have everything you need to furnish your child's bedroom, including:

  • Kids' bedroom storage: Make keeping their bedroom clean easy with our range of kids' bedroom storage, which includes collapsible boxes, portable trays and stackable drawers.
  • Kids' cushions: Our colourful kids' cushions are the perfect accessory for their bed or chair. From pastel and fluffy to superhero-themed, we have all the kids' cushions you could need.
  • Kids' rugs and mats: Perfect for playing on, our kids' rugs and mats are the ideal base for your child's play area. They're easy to wash too!

Make sure to browse our kids' bedroom page for anything else you need for your child's bedroom.

Find the right kids' bed linen at Spotlight

Our kids' bed linen is the key to helping your child sleep comfortably, no matter the weather. Check out our kids' bed linen online, where you can safely pay and have them home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to do your shopping in person.

Make sure are making the right purchases for your child's needs by consulting our kids' bedroom and bed linen buying guides before deciding. And if you're after some bedroom decorating ideas, read our blogs on popular bedroom decorating trends such as serene haven, sun-drenched summer and urban paradise.



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