The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need To Set Up A Kid's Bed

The Ultimate Guide To Everything You Need To Set Up A Kid's Bed

Whether it's your child's first bedroom or they are finally getting a room of their own after sharing, how you set up their bed can affect more than just their ability to get to sleep!

The right bedding (and kids' bedroom decor) can make bedtime much more manageable and even attractive to kids, plus giving your kids a visually appealing bedroom will make them more inclined to keep it clean and tidy.

Spotlight has all the bedding you need to set up your child's bed to their specific needs, from durable mattress protectors to colourful quilt sets. This guide will go through all the different elements of a kid's bedroom, including the size and material variations and how to choose the right ones. Plus we'll also touch on some fun decor and kids' bedroom ideas your child will love!

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What You Need For Your Kid's Bed

Here are some of the elements you'll need when putting together a bed for your child.

Kids' mattress protector

A mattress protector is ideal for children that might wet the bed or for even those who may sweat excessively. It will also extend the life of a kid's mattress by helping absorb any general wear and tear.

A mattress protector sits on top of the mattress but underneath any mattress topper, sheets and blankets. This allows it to absorb any liquids or dirt coming through the fitted sheet and prevent them from sinking into the mattress itself, which is very hard to wash.

Mattress protectors are designed to be easy to clean in your washing machine, while a mattress can only be spot cleaned - save yourself the headache and hassle by getting the right mattress protector for your child's bed!

Mattress protectors come in all popular bed sizes, from single up to king. Mattress protectors will always be white, which helps when cleaning them as you can use bleach or dry them in the sun to help keep them white and bacteria-free.

Kids' fitted sheet

A kids fitted sheet gives your child a smooth surface to sleep on, while also protecting your mattress and potential underlay or topper from wear and tear. Many of our kids' fitted sheets come paired with matching top sheets and pillowcases, so it will be easy to create a cohesive look in the space.

Folding a fitted sheet can be enough to put you off buying one - it's a tricky thing to master, especially if you are on your own! If you struggle to fold a fitted sheet properly, check out our guide on how to fold a fitted sheet by yourself.

You should choose a fitted sheet that matches the size of your child's mattress, but keep in mind if you have extras like underlays, protectors or toppers, you may need a 'super' size sheet to be able to cover them all. So if your child sleeps on a single, but you have a mattress protector and topper as well, you may need a super single-size fitted sheet to adequately protect them.

Kids' flat sheet

A kids flat sheet goes between your child and their quilt, helping lessen the number of times you'll need to wash the quilt cover and also acting as the perfect covering on hot nights when a blanket is just too much.

Tuck your top sheet in - preferably with hospital corners - and your child will feel snug and secure under their sheets every night! Tucking in the top sheet will also prevent it from moving around during the night, helping keep your child warm and also making it easier to reset their bed in the morning.

Choose a flat sheet that matches the size of the mattress your child sleeps on. Many kids sheet sets will come paired with a matching fitted sheet and pillowcases for a cohesive look - look for cotton and bamboo sheet sets for warmer seasons, and kids flannelette sheet sets for colder times!

Kids' Flat Sheets

Kids' quilt and quilt cover

Your child's quilt will be their main source of warmth when they sleep, so it's important to choose the right kind of quilt. Once you have the perfect kids' quilt, decorate it with one of our many gorgeous kids' quilt covers, which often come in matching sets to ensure their pillowcases coordinate with the cover. Kids' quilt covers are easy to wash and will extend the life of your kid's quilt, while adding a beautiful pop of colour to your kid's bedroom.

Quilts can be chosen as the same size as the bed, although going one size up isn't unusual, as it gives your child more quilts to move around with, as well as creating a more elegant look on the bed itself.

If you'd like to make your child their own unique quilt cover, draw inspiration from this fun quilt cover project you can make at home!

Kids' coverlet or bedspread

A kids coverlet or bedspread are lighter options you can choose from instead of a quilt and quilt cover, and they are perfect for warmer months and hot sleepers. They are thin and mostly decorative, although can layer multiple for extra warmth if needed.

Because they don't tend to have a thick filling, bedspreads and coverlets can often be washed in the washing machine - although if you have one that is brightly coloured, be careful to follow the instructions on the label to keep the colours in their best condition!

To create a unique tie-dyed bedspread, check out our Shibori bedspread project.

Kids' pillows and pillowcases

One or two kids' pillows are the perfect finishing touch for your child's bed. To ensure a good night's sleep, make sure your child has the right pillow for them, including factors like size, firmness and filling type.

Kids pillowcase type is also important - hot sleepers may enjoy pillowcases made out of materials like bamboo or linen, while luxurious materials like silk are amazing for your child's skin and hair, as well as helping regulate temperature.

Most quilt cover and bedspread sets will come with matching pillowcases, although if you love to sew you can also make your child their own unique pillowcases!

The Best Kids' Bedding Accessories

Some kids' bedroom decor can go a long way to helping personalise the space to your child's interests. Colourful kids' bed cushions and kids textured throws are a great way to decorate the bed while adding some comfort, while a cute table lamp is perfect for kids who love to read a book or turn out the lights themselves at night.

A fun and crafty storage addition to your kid's bed is a hanging storage unit - try making this adorable bed storage project!

Kids' Bedroom Ideas

Kids' Bedroom Ideas

You can decorate your child's bedroom in any number of ways, either filled with all sorts of different decor or dedicated to a matching theme. Popular kids' bedroom decor themes include zoo or animal themes, space and astronaut themes and fantasy or fairy themes. The walls and roof of the space can be adorned with kids' wall art and decorations like fairy lights.

Use faux greenery like vines to dress up a jungle or magical bedroom, or try using a cosy, fluffy kid's rug to create a more boho-inspired look.

The most important thing to do is involve your child in the decorating process! While you may think your kids' bedroom ideas are awesome, your child may disagree… so consult with them at the start on what they want in their room to avoid any late-stage problems.

Discover The Best Kids' Bedding At Spotlight

You can find the best kids' bedding to suit their preferences at Spotlight! Browse our kids bedding online, where you can safely pay and have your order home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to decide on your kids' bedroom decor in person. Let your kids help make their own bedroom decor by choosing one of the many fun projects from our kids' craft page! And for a little help in keeping all your bedding and bed linen in tip-top condition, check out our helpful buying guide.



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