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Elevate your paper craft projects with rubber stamps, stamp pads and stamping blocks from Spotlight. Shop essential stamping supplies online & in-store.

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Customise Your Paper Creations With Stamps & Stamping Supplies

At Spotlight, we have a whole host of stamps to choose from, and you are sure to find the perfect one for you amongst this fabulous collection. Whether you are looking for clear stamps, rubber stamps, or stamping inks in a whole rainbow of colours, you can find all the stamps, inks, and accessories that you could possibly need. Discover beautiful patterns, cute creatures, occasional greetings, lettering and more in the range.

Stamping is a simple and effective way to add beautiful imagery, messages and more to your creations. Clear stamps are super versatile, and they can be used for so many different arts and crafts projects. Combine your stamps with an acrylic stamping block to customise your stamped creations. You can also explore using your stamps with embossing supplies like embossing ink and embossing powder to add raised textures to your paper crafts. Shop stamping supplies online & in-store to elevate your scrapbooking and cardmaking today!

Stamping Supplies FAQs

What can I do with stamps?

Clear stamps are ideal for making greeting cards that will touch the hearts of the people you love, for highlighting those cherished photos in your scrapbook, and for creating one-of-a-kind items to give as gifts or use to decorate your home. You could even use these fabulous stamps to make your very own wrapping paper or to embellish a gift box. Both of these would help to ensure creative wrapping and your lucky gift recipient is bound to be impressed with the extra effort that you have put into their gift. You can pretty much stamp anything that you like, simply choose the design with your finished project in mind.

How to use stamps & ink pads

Stamping is a straightforward process that crafters of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. For best results, practise stamping on a piece of scrap paper before you begin your project. This will help to ensure that your ink is transferring correctly, it is the colour that you desire, and it will also help you to gauge how much pressure is necessary to apply. Ensure that you are working on a surface that is sturdy and flat for the best effect.

You should not need to press firmly onto the ink, instead use gentle pressure and ensure that all parts of the stamp have been covered in ink. If your stamp is not transferring ink correctly, one handy tip is to go over the stamp with a pencil eraser or nail file before you begin. Applying a slight texture to the surface helps to remove any coating that may have been left behind during the manufacturing process, helping to ensure that your stamp works perfectly every time.

How to clean & care for stamps

To wash your stamps in between each use, use a small amount of mild dish soap on a damp cloth. Do not use baby wipes or any strong cleaners on clear stamps, as they will degrade the stamp over time. Always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or solutions, such as chlorine or bleach. Always store your stamps away from heat and direct sunlight.

Shop Stamps & Ink Pads Online At Spotlight

Stamping is an inexpensive, versatile and fun way to elevate just about any paper craft activity. Shop the range of stamping supplies online at Spotlight, where you can find gorgeous stamp designs and stamping ink pads in every colour you desire! Complete your stash of paper craft supplies with coloured paper & cardboard, cutting tools and more from Spotlight's extensive selection. Make your purchases online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or head into your nearest Spotlight store to shop the range in person. Inspire your next paper craft creations with Spotlight's FREE card-making projects and papercraft & scrapbooking projects online. Don't forget that Spotlight VIPs have access to exclusive sales prices, discounts and membership benefits so make sure you sign up for free today!



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