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Shop versatile glue sticks for school and crafting at Spotlight. Perfect for bonding paper, glue sticks are fast-drying, durable and economical.

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Choose The Perfect Glue Stick From The Range At Spotlight

Glue sticks are a must-have in any school pencil case, and they're super handy to have at home too! At Spotlight our collection of glue sticks has an option for everyone, with options in colour and size available to suit your crafting needs.

With single and useful multi-packs available, you can find the perfect glue stick right here at Spotlight!

What kinds of glue sticks can I find at Spotlight?

Crafter's Choice and UHU glue sticks are loved for their reliability and ease of use, so you know they'll get the job done when you need them.

Classic clear glue sticks are the most common kind of glue stick you'll find. They go on clear and dry clear. 'Magic' glue sticks go on as a colour, like blue or purple, then dry clear. They allow you to see where you have glued much easier than a clear glue stick.

All our glue sticks have a cap and a screw bottom that allows you to raise the glue stick as you run it down.

Glue stick FAQs

What is a glue stick made of?

The glue in a glue stick is made from ingredients that include agents that help the glue go on smoothly, keep the glue flexible when dry and allow the glue to solidify and dry after application.

What should I not use a glue stick for?

Glue sticks do not create a very strong bond, so should only be used for adhering basic craft supplies and not be used to bind anything heavier than paper. Fabrics and clothes, natural materials like wood and stone and heavy cards and cardboard are all too thick and heavy for glue sticks to hold in place. Because they are water-based, glue sticks will not work on oily surfaces either.

Is glue stick glue permanent?

Because they are designed for school use, most glue sticks do not offer as permanent a bond as some other glues, like super glue. The glue from a glue stick is washable, meaning it can be easily washed out of clothes and off skin when needed. Paper projects made using glue sticks will stay in place, but the bond isn't very strong so elements can be removed easily with a bit of force.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find many other useful kinds of adhesives at Spotlight, including:

  • Glitter glue: Useful for adhering materials but also decorating, glitter glue comes in a rainbow of sparkly colours you'll love experimenting with.
  • Fabric glue: Use any of our useful fabric glues to hold materials in place while you sew or make minor repairs to clothing, fabric furniture covers and fabric accessories like lampshades, hats and cushions.
  • Glue gun stick refills: Keep your glue gun running when you need it by having plenty of glue gun stick refills on hand.

Check out the full range of craft glues and adhesives for all your gluing needs, as well as useful glue and sticky tapes!

Find the right glue sticks at Spotlight

Chosen your glue sticks? Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your glue sticks straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the perfect regular and mini glue sticks for your needs.

Browse our range of kids' craft and papercraft projects for heaps of fun ideas that you'll need to use your new glue sticks for. And for even more artistic and crafty inspiration, read through our amazing create blog online!



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