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Create Sparkling Arts And Crafts With Glitter Glue From Spotlight

Versatile, eye-catching and so much fun to use, glitter glue is a common sight in many a crafter's pencil case and craft supply box. Glitter glue comes in a rainbow of beautiful colours, and there are application bottles to suit all sorts of crafting projects.

At Spotlight, you can find all the art glitter glues you need, in large 250ml bottles and tiny 10ml tubes. From leading craft brands like Gloo and Crafter's Choice, our glitter glues are all you need to bedazzle your next craft project!

What is glitter glue?

Glitter glue is quite simple in its make-up. A non-toxic, washable glue is mixed with a glitter of a certain colour and BAM - you have your glitter glue. The glitter pieces are what set glitter glues apart - some are tiny, sand-like crystals that provide a subtle shimmer, while other glitter glues have chunky glitter pieces that can be felt once the glue has dried. You can find glitter glue in every colour, as well as metallic silver, bronze and gold glitter glues for special projects!

Glitter glue FAQs

How to use glitter glue

Glitter glue can be applied by removing the cap off the tube, pointing the nozzle or tip at where you need the glue to start and then gently squeezing the bottle. Keep the same pressure as you move the bottle to create lines, shapes and patterns using the glitter glue bottle.

How long does glitter glue take to dry?

Most glitter glues will be dry after 30 minutes, with 24 hours being the standard for glitter glues to be completely dry and permanent. Very humid areas may extend the drying time, as glitter glues are usually water-based.

How to make slime with glitter glue

Glitter glue can be substituted for regular glue in most slime recipes - check out this blog here for more detailed instructions! You won't need to add extra colours or dyes, as your glitter glue will add colour and shine for you.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of craft glues for you to choose from, which include:

  • Glue sticks: These easy-to-use adhesive sticks are perfect for the office or school, and can quickly secure many kinds of papercraft.
  • Fabric glue: This glue is designed for use on fabrics, so you'll find it quite useful for making small repairs in clothes, fabric furniture and accessories like lampshades.
  • Glue gun refills: Keep your hot glue gun running smoothly with the right hot glue gun refill sticks.

Browse the full range of glues and adhesives to find the perfect glue for your next project.

Find the right glitter glue at Spotlight

Our range of glitter glue is sure to inspire your creativity to new heights! Shop for glitter glue for fabric, paper and cards online, safely pay and we'll deliver it straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best art glitter glue for your needs.

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