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Craft glue is essential for all creative projects! Glue to your heart's content and find the right PVA glue and craft glue at Spotlight.

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Find the Right Craft Glue and PVA Glue for Your Project

Glues are an important supply for any craft project, school project or hobby. At Spotlight, you will spot numerous adhesives and glues you could add to your crafting collection at home. From PVA glue to super glue and specialised bead glue and fabric glue, find it all here. We stock leading brands such as E6000 glue, UHU, Elmers, Gorilla Glue and much more at low prices you'll love. Our range of craft glue covers all sorts of crafting and household needs and includes:

Craft Glue & Adhesives FAQs

What are the best glues for metals and jewellery making?

When you love making jewellery, there will be some instances where you can use some glue. Crafters often use glue to set precious stones or other small details on their jewellery pieces, so the usefulness of a good glue for jewellery making cannot be underestimated.

One of the recommended craft glues for jewellery making is E6000. This type of glue is incredibly strong and adheres to metals unlike any other. It also has some surprising benefits, as this type of glue can be washed and is waterproof at the same time. So, do not underestimate the power of a classic E6000 glue for any metal or precious metal glueing.

What are glue dots used for?

Spotlight counts glue dots among the most effective adhesives. While they may not look like much upon first glance, they are incredibly useful for a variety of crafting projects.

Glue dots usually come on a special sheet. You take the glue dot from the sheet and then apply it to the item you want to glue. Then, simply add the two items together and the glue dot does all the hard work for you. They are fast, convenient, and more importantly mess-free.

What are the best glues or adhesives for children?

Glue dots can be great for children once they reach a certain age, but what are the recommended glues and adhesives for younger children? Well, there are a couple of options available to you, including the traditional glue stick and school glue. Many children grow up using glue sticks at school and during crafting projects at home. They are remarkably versatile and relatively easy to manipulate. Manufacturers also make these glue sticks without any toxins, which makes them safe for children to use.

Discover The Incredible Collection Of Craft Glues And Adhesives At Spotlight

Spotlight has an expansive range of crafting glues and adhesives, suitable for children and adults. Our range of craft glues can handle a variety of materials too, this goes from wood and paper to metal. If you are looking for some craft glues and adhesives, you are bound to find the right product right here. Check out the range of craft glues and adhesives today if you want to enjoy a great deal. Shop online and enjoy the convenience of click and collect or find a store near you today to see the range in person. The Ideas Blog is full of craft ideas and you can get FREE craft project sheets right here. Spotlight is here for all your creative needs, browse the entire selection of art supplies and craft supplies today.



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