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Create magnificent art work with watercolour pencils at Spotlight. Perfect for any artist, shop watercolour pencil sets from leading brands.

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Discover The Magic Of Watercolour Pencils At Spotlight

Combining the ease of coloured pencils with the beauty of watercolour paints, our watercolour pencils are great fun to use for all artists! At Spotlight, you can find watercolour pencils in many different but useful packs, and they make a great gift for the artists in your life - or even a little treat for yourself!

With their great versatility and affordable price, watercolour pencils are a useful tool in any artist's kit.

The kinds of watercolour pencils you can find at Spotlight

You can find watercolour pencils from leading art supply brands like Faber Castell, Tombow and Jasart. You can find watercolour pencil sets in 12, 24, 36 and even 72 pencil packs, with each brand offering its own range of colours. Make sure to check a pack you're interested in so make sure it has the colours you want!

Watercolour pencil FAQs

What are watercolour pencils?

Watercolour pencils are coloured pencils that contain pigment that is water soluble. Once the pigment is activated with water it will brighten and blend just like a traditional watercolour paint!

How to use watercolour pencils

There are three ways you can use watercolour pencils:

  • Draw your lines on dry paper, then go over the lines with a wet brush.
  • Dip your watercolour pencil tip into water then draw onto dry paper.
  • Wet your paper with water and then draw on it with a dry watercolour pencil.

Each technique will cause your colours to react differently on the paper!

What can I use watercolour pencils on?

Watercolour pencils are best used on watercolour paper if you plan on wetting them. Cold-pressed and rough appears are best for this. If you don't plan on activating them with water, then any surface you would use a coloured pencil on is fair game! Paper, cards, wood and plaster can all take coloured pencils, but won't handle the water well.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of drawing supplies for you to consider, including:

  • Drawing pens and markers: All your classic drawing pens and markers can be found here, including alcohol-based markers and chalk markers.
  • Pastels: Create vivid, creamy and smooth artwork using our beautiful range of soft and oil pastels.
  • Charcoal: Our charcoal sticks are fantastic for sketching and drawing with, and come in all your favourite types, such as willow or compressed. Use them with sketching pencils if needed.

Explore the full range of art supplies online or in-store today!

Find the right watercolour pencil at Spotlight

You can choose your watercolour pencil set online, safely pay and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to grab your Derwent, Jasart and Faber Castell watercolour pencils in person.

For more art and craft related ideas, check out our blogs on watercolour pencils, soft pastels and using markers. And make sure to read our buying guides on paints and mediums, paper and card and pens, pencils and markers before making any purchases!



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