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Develop your sketching and illustration skills with the great-value sketching pencils at Spotlight. Shop sketching pencils today for your next creative project.

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Create The Perfect Sketch With Sketching Pencils From Spotlight

A good sketch is extremely satisfying to make, and whether it stays in your sketchbook or becomes the base for a great work of art, the right pencils can elevate your sketch to the next level! At Spotlight, you can find a variety of sketching tools available, including graphite pencils, charcoal pencils and special pencil erasers. Our sketching pencils come from leading brands like Tombow and Jasart, so you can trust these sketch pencils to get the job done.

Can sketch pencils be coloured?

Most of the time sketch pencils are grey or black, and the sketching pencils we sell are in these classic colours. However, you will also find sketch markers in this category that come in a variety of colours, with pointed brush nibs that you can use to create delicate linework similar to sketching.

There's also no reason you can't 'sketch' with classic coloured pencils, but be aware they may be harder to cover or erase if you plan on creating a more solid picture on top of it.

Sketching pencils FAQs

What are sketching pencils?

Sketch pencils are pencils that create thin, light lines that are perfect working as guidelines for a larger, more detailed image. They are easy to erase and should be able to disappear seamlessly under heavier mediums like markers, pens or paint.

What are the different types of sketch pencils?

Sketching pencils can be made of grey lead or charcoal. Grey lead is best used when you don't want your sketch to be seen or if you'll be erasing it, while charcoal sketch pencils are ideal for sketches that will remain as sketches.

How to use sketch pencils

Make sure your sketch pencils are sharp before using them. Hold the sketch pencil lightly in your hand and only apply light pressure as you create your sketch. Use different sizes if you need thicker or darker lines, and be careful as you work across your sketch that you don't smudge any of your lines as you draw.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find so many amazing types of drawing supplies at Spotlight, including:

  • Drawing pens and markers: You can find chalk markers, paint markers, water markers and alcohol-based markers here, in a range of beautiful colours and shades!
  • Pastels: We have hard, soft and oil pastel sets available here, ensuring you get a great range of colours in every pack.
  • Charcoal: Our charcoal sticks can be used to create eye-catching monochrome works of art. Discover compressed, willow and other kinds of drawing charcoal here!

Check out the full range of art supplies online!

Find the right sketching pencils at Spotlight

Sketch with confidence using any of the sketch pencil sets from Spotlight! Shop for art sketch pencils online, safely pay and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for sketching pencil sets in person.

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