Halloween Embroidery Project



  • DMC Stranded Cotton - 1 skein each 721, 920, 414 and 310
  • DMC Light Effects Floss E321, E677 and E940
  • 14 ct black Aida 20 x 20cm
  • 14 ct white Aida 15 x 15cm
  • 6in and 4in wooden hoops
  • Black ribbon, stripy ribbon and pom fringe
  • DMC Tapestry Needle Size 22


Step 1. Start by finding the center of the fabric, fold it into quarters to make a crease - this will show you the middle. You will start stitching from the center of the design. To mark the center point make a small dot with DMC Water Soluble Pen. You can also stitch a rough dotted line where the center markings are if you need a more definite line, just remove this once your done stitching the design.

Step 2. To begin stitching, thread the required colour onto the needle and bring the needle from the back of the work through to the front.

NOTE: Your DMC Stranded Cotton and DMC Light Effects Floss have 6 strands use 2 strands for Cross Stitch and Back Stitch.

Step 3. Draw the yarn through leaving a 3cm tail at the back. Hold this tail, so your first few stitches are worked over it. This will secure your thread evenly. Never tie a knot in your thread.

Step 4. Start with diagonal stitches from bottom left to top right, work the line in that thread colour. Then working back over those stitches from bottom right to top left, cross over back to where you started. You should
now have your line of crosses.

NOTE: When stitching, make sure you don't pull the thread too tight as this can make the work uneven.

Step 5. Follow the chart and key on next page, finishing each colour before you go onto the next.

Step 6. To end off your thread, take your needle through to the back of your work and run it under a few stitches then trim cleanly.

Step 7. Follow the chart to stitch Back Stitch using 2 strands of DMC Light Effect Floss.

Step 8. Once you have completed all the stitching, if your work is wrinkled, iron it flat with an iron on warm using a cloth to protect your stitching. Threading Your Needle With Light Effects Light Effect threads are easy to work with when threaded through your needle with a slip knot. The slip knot holds the thread onto the needle. For stitching in 2 strands, cut the length twice the length needed separate 1 strand and fold it in half. To make a slip knot fold the strand in half and thread the folded end through the eye of the needle. Place the thread loop over the point of the needle and pull firmly
to secure the thread.


  • Glue Pom Fringe around wooden hoops.
  • Insert you embroidered pieces into the hoops.
  • Thread E677 DMC Light effect floss. Knot the end and insert the needle at the back of web, pull it through and take it to the spider in the other hoop. Secure thread with the knot at the back.
  • Cut approx. 40cm of black ribbon for each bow. Fold the ends in to form the bow shape.
  • Cut double length of stripy ribbon for each hoop, thread under the screws on the hoops. Wrap ends around bow shape and handstitch it in place.


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