Paw Patrol Laundry Bag Project



  • 70cm 'Paw Patrol Pawsome' decorator fabric
  • 70cm 'Prima' Homespun, white for lining
  • 6m Size 5 piping cord - white
  • Matching 'Gutermann' 100% cotton thread
  • Pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Bodkin or safety pin
  • Sewing machine

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.


Step 1 - Cut two 50cm wide x 60cm high rectangles from both Paw Patrol fabric and homespun lining.

Step 2 - Pin Paw Patrol fabrics together with right sides facing. Starting at the top and using a 1cm seam allowance sew down one side 6cm, leave a 3cm opening and continue to the bottom edge, sew along the bottom then back up the other side stopping 10cm from the top, leave a 4cm opening then continue to the end.

Step 3- Press seams open. Press top edge 1.5cm to the wrong side. Clip corners, turn right side out and press.

Step 4 - Pin lining rectangles together with right sides facing. Sew together down sides and across bottom edge. Clip corners and press seams open. Press top edge 1.5cm to the wrong side but do not turn right side out.

Step 5 - Insert lining into bag with wrong sides together and push lining into corners.

Topstitch bag and lining together around top close to the edge.

Step 6 - To create the casing stitch around the bag 4.5cm down from the top of the opening. Stitch around the bag again 7.5cm from the top at the bottom of the opening.

Step 7 - Cut piping cord into 2 x 3m lengths.

Tip - Before cutting, wrap sticky tape around the cord where the cut will be to prevent cord unravelling.

Step 8 - Using a bodkin or safety pin insert one cord through opening in one side, thread around and back out through the same opening. Knot ends together. Repeat to thread the other 3m length through the other side opening.



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