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When it comes down to interior design, the secret weapon of most interior designers is a well-placed table lamp. If you are thinking of transforming your home with some additional table lamps, be sure to read through our table lamp buying guide below, which provides you with some expert tips you cannot miss.

Is the Location Important When I Choose a New Table Lamp?

Location is probably one of the most vital factors when deciding on a new table lamp. To determine which one you need, you must determine the use of the new table lamp. For example, will you use it for reading? Or do you want to put a decorative accent in the room?

Most table lamps can be divided into three different types: ambient lamps, accent lamps, and decorative lamps. Ambient table lamps will provide you with an ample amount of light for reading and other tasks, while an accent lamp is used to highlight a specific feature in your home. The last option, the decorative lamp, is only used as a decoration, meaning that the light it provides is less important.

What Size Table Lamp Do I Need?

Another question you must ask yourself relates to the size of the table lamp. Remember, the trick to outstanding interior design is always a symbiosis of proportion. Therefore, if you buy a lamp that is too big or too small, it could ruin the design you are trying to create in your home.

One way to determine the perfect size for your new table lamp is looking at the overall size of the room. If you put a large table lamp in a small room, it is bound to look wrong. Of course, the same thing applies to putting a small table lamp on a huge table, which will also look disproportionate.

To ensure the best size for your table lamp, measure the table or surface the table lamp will be placed on. Also, look at the space you want to put the table lamp in and determine if it is big or small. By combining this information, you can get the lamp that suits your needs perfectly.

What Style Table Lamp Should I Go for?

Style is usually down to personal preference, but there are some external factors you must consider too. For example, there is little point in putting an ultra-modern table lamp in a traditional interior and vice versa. So, while there is some degree of personal preference involved, do not forget to look objectively at the interior design of the room in question.

Can I Put Multiple Table Lamps in the Same Room?

It depends. While you can certainly combine several table lamps in the same room, the amount of space available in the room does influence the suitability of multiple table lamps in your home. If you have a lot of open space, table lamps can put accents in several locations. However, if you have a smaller room, several table lamps can make your living room appear cluttered.

Table lamps can be a marvellous addition to your home, but only if you use them in the smart way. Plan the location of the lamp carefully, but also look at the amount of light it will provide! If you take all these factors into consideration, the result will be fabulous.



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