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If standard window rods don't fit your windows, don't despair! Shop from Spotlight's curtain rod accessories to extend, cut, or join several together!

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What curtain rod accessories can I find at Spotlight?

We offer a variety of products that will let you easily customise standard curtain rods to make them as long or as short as necessary so that they fit your curtains perfectly. If you need to cut your curtain rods to size, check out our curtain rod and conduit cutter which makes cutting curtain rods cleanly a breeze. Once the curtain rods are cut and fitted together, you can use one of the many curtain rod joiners available from our collection. We also sell elbow joints that allow you to create 90 degree bends in your curtain rods which are perfect for corner windows.

If you're trying to avoid drilling into your walls just to hang curtains and blinds, we offer conduits that let you attach the curtain rods to your windows frames with very little work involved. We also sell curtain rod brackets in different designs and sizes, so you can easily match your curtain fixtures with the style of your curtains and blinds

To finish off the look of your curtains with an extra dash of style, check out our collection of curtain rod finials and curtain hold backs. These are available in a variety of materials and finishes and will go a long way in complementing the overall look of your curtains.

What kind of curtain rods does Spotlight offer?

Spotlight has a huge collection of metal and wooden curtain rods in a variety of styles and finishes. Many of our curtain rods already come with a set of finials and brackets. Aside from the material and finish of the curtain rod itself, the rod finials can really define the rod's overall look. We offer rods with finials that look like classic wrought iron, timeless minimalist designs, as well as finials made out of glass and crystal.

Aside from traditional curtain rods, we also have a variety of more contemporary looking curtain tracks, which are ideal for light to medium weight curtains.

Our curtain rods and tracks are adjustable up to 210 cm in length while other models can be extended up to 300 cm.

What other curtain accessories does Spotlight have?

Aside from curtain rods and accessories, we have everything else you'll need to properly hang up your curtains and blinds. We sell a wide variety of metal and plastic curtain rings, hooks, stretch wire, tie back hooks, cords, braids and tassels. We also offer extra gliders for curtain tracks.

Spotlight also has a large selection of curtain fabrics that are perfect for anyone who loves to sew. Our curtain fabrics range from uncoated cotton and polyester blends, sheer fabrics, jacquard weaves, triple weave room darkening curtain fabrics, to coated blockout and thermal fabrics. These curtain fabrics are all available in different colours, patterns and prints. In addition to curtain fabrics, we have a complete range of curtain making essentials like heading tape, eyelets, curtain weights, hemming tape, webbing and curtain linings.

Of course, we also sell many different types of ready-made curtains ranging from tab top curtains, eyelet curtains, pinch and pencil pleat curtains to sheer café - curtains. You can also find a large selection of indoor ranging from venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, panel blinds to vertical blinds. We also offer outdoor roll up blinds to keep the sun and heat away from your windows, as well as patio blinds so you can be more comfortable in your home's open areas like patios, balconies and verandas. Spotlight also sells patio blind extenders and joiners, wall anchors, pull cords and awning hooks.



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