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What are vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds, as the name suggests, are window blinds similar to Venetian blinds, but with strips (usually called slats) hanging down rather than horizontally. This may not seem a big difference but the look is quite different once the blinds are installed. It also allows the light to enter the room in a subtly different way and are ideal for creating clean, modern lines in any room.

Where can I use vertical blinds?

You can use vertical blinds just about anywhere you can use Venetian Blinds or other blinds. The only exception would be for very short or low windows, as vertical blinds are often only available in longer lengths. At Spotlight, our vertical blinds come in drops of 213 cm and varying widths. If the strips or slats are fastened together at the bottom, it is not possible to shorten vertical blinds, but in other cases it may be possible to cut them to the required size, depending on the material they have been made from.

What types of vertical blinds can I purchase at Spotlight?

Spotlight stocks vertical blinds made by Caprice, an Australian company founded in 1959, who today produce a variety of products such as bed linen, drapery hardware, blinds, ready-made furnishings, sheers, craft, furniture, dress fabrics, commercial fabrics and furnishing fabrics. The vertical blinds are made from polyester and come complete with fixings, fittings, and instructions.

What else should I keep in mind when installing vertical blinds?

It is important to make sure that your blinds have been installed according to the instructions, as blind cords which are not correctly installed can be dangerous if you have young children around. Always follow the instructions carefully or get an approved installer to install your blinds for you.

How do I look after my vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds can be dusted or vacuumed, but if you need a more thorough clean always refer to the instructions that came with your blinds. Many blinds are fine to be treated with a sponge dipped in warm water and a mild soapy solution, but harsh chemicals and too much water can affect the appearance of your blinds.

Does Spotlight sell any other blinds?

Yes, Spotlight has a large range of different blinds in stock, including roller blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, wooden blinds, bamboo blinds, sheer blinds and exterior blinds. With so many types and designs, you will be able to find the ideal blinds for your home at Spotlight, so check out the great range of blinds at Spotlight today!



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