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All about roller blinds

Among the many different types of blinds - whether indoor or outdoor blinds and shades, roman blinds, vertical blinds and venetian blinds - roller blinds are one of the most popular styles. There are variations in roller blinds depending on the role they play within the home but, generally, roller blinds come as either single roller blinds with just one layer of fabric or double roller blinds with two layers so you can raise one while lowering the other for more light control and so on.

Blackout roller blinds - for eliminating all incoming light, perfect for daytime naps or children's bedrooms.

Day night roller blinds - similar to double roller blinds, these blinds utilise two layers to allow you to regulate the sunlight according to the time of day or night.

Holland roller blinds - refers to the style of blind where the fabric is coiled around a tube for raising and lowering the blind via a chain, motorised system or spring mechanism.

Sunscreen roller blinds - for filtering light and allowing some privacy while still enjoying the views from your windows.

Sheer roller blinds - for welcoming plenty of natural sunlight with only a modest amount of privacy.

Installing, cleaning and removing roller blinds

When installing your roller blinds, first determine which way you want the blind to roll - this can be rolling inwards or outwards. Once you have decided, secure the accompanying brackets (you may have to trim the blinds to fit the window if your measurements were incorrect or the blinds supplied are bigger than expected). Then, hang the blinds on the brackets by carefully wedging them on top. Don't forget to add the chain to the device for controlling the blinds.

To clean your roller blinds, gently pull them down until they are fully extended and then wipe with a damp dust cloth or a dedicated duster. In some cases, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a specialist attachment. For persistent stains, just apply some soapy, lukewarm water.

If you wish to remove your roller blind, you will have to first remove the brackets. Before getting started, fully close the blinds. Then, determine the location of your mounting brackets on each side. Once you have found the brackets, simply unscrew them to remove the roller blinds from the window.

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