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Shop stylish winter thermal curtains, blinds, rods, tracks and more for your windows at Spotlight, so you can keep warm and cosy for less this winter.

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Insulate Your Home and Make it More Energy Efficient With Spotlight Window Furnishings

Windows are a large source of heat loss in homes throughout winter, and having appropriate window furnishings can help you reduce heating costs and stay warmer. Replacing windows can help you improve energy efficiency however this can be very costly. Improving your curtains and blinds is a cost-effective way to increase energy efficiency and make a noticeable difference. Thermal curtains, curtain linings and block-out blinds are great ways to add insulation to your window and help keep the heat in. Read more below about the benefits of different window treatments for your windows at Spotlight.

What are the benefits of having quality curtains and blinds?

Investing in quality window furnishings will ensure that your home is equipped to keep the winter chill out and keep warm air in. Some benefits include:

  • Save on energy bills: reduce the energy you need to heat your home with window furnishings that act as insulation.
  • Block out the light: keep the light out so you can sleep easily.
  • Keep heat in: keep your home warmer for longer, window furnishings allow heat to be better retained.
  • Year-round temperature control: curtains and blinds also help keep the sun and heat out in summer, reducing your cooling costs.

What Window Treatments Should I Consider?

Popular options for a stylish and functional home include:

  • Blockout roller blinds: these versatile roller blinds block out the light and also keep the heat in.
  • Thermal curtains: these curtains will have a special acrylic coating or a layer of acrylic foam in the middle, this provides additional insulation. Essentially Thermal Curtains are made from fabrics that reduce heat transfer through the fabric.
  • Sheer curtains: are a great option to allow light to still access the room while providing insulating benefits.

Thermal Curtains VS Blackout Curtains

While all thermal curtains are essential blackout curtains, not all blockout curtains have thermal insulation properties. Thermal curtains are specially designed with multi-layer construction to insulate against heat and cold whereas blockout curtains may feature a single layer to block out light and are best for rooms that do not require insulation.

How Do I Refresh My Curtains for Winter?

At Spotlight, you can choose from a huge range of ready-made curtains and ready-made blinds as well as curtain rods and accessories that can be easily installed in your home. Spotlight's large range of curtains and blinds can turn any drab window into something you will be proud of. If you want an end-to-end service that includes in-home measurement, design and installation, then the Made to Measure service is for you. An experienced consultant will take you through every step hassle-free.

Transform Your Home With Winter Furnishings From Spotlight

Discover the range of window furnishings for your home this Winter at Spotlight. We have a huge array of styles, colours and fixture types to suit your home. Upgrade your window furnishings and enjoy the insulating benefits to stay warm and cosy all winter long. Browse the collection online or visit your nearest Spotlight store to find out more.



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