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Find the perfect material for your projects with Spotlight’s huge range of woven apparel fabrics. Shop flannelette, denim, poplin & more online & in-store.

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Shop A Massive Selection Of Woven Apparel Fabrics At Spotlight

Create a huge range of garments, craft projects and home decor projects with the gorgeous selection of woven apparel fabrics from Spotlight. Our range of woven fabric includes a massive variety of fabric types in different colours, prints, weights and textures to form the basis of just about every sewing creation. Whether you're looking for a lightweight cotton fabric for a summer dress or elegant linen fabric for a new pair of trousers, Spotlight has you covered! Discover woven cotton fabric for beautiful breathability and stretch woven fabric that utilises elastane fibres for extra comfort and ease of movement. Shop woven fabric online & in-store today at Spotlight.

What Are Woven Fabrics?

As the name suggests, woven fabrics are any textile that has been manufactured on a weaving loom. There are different types of fabric weaves such as drill or sateen, each lending unique properties relating to the strength and surface texture of the finished textile. Broadly speaking, woven fabrics are best suited to more tailored garment types as they have less inherent stretch than knitted apparel fabrics - just think of the difference between a fitted business shirt and a casual jersey T-shirt.

Explore A Variety Of Woven Fabric Types For Every Project

Sturdy woven fabrics for practical garments & utility applications

Sometimes your project calls for sturdy fabrics for added strength, durability and general wear & tear. You might also be looking for a mid to heavyweight fabric to create structured garments like overalls, or accessories like a satchel bag. At Spotlight, you can find printed and plain denim & tencel as well as a great range of drill, duck & canvas to add structure to your creations. We also have corduroy to add subtle corded texture to garment and accessory projects, and hard-wearing ripstop fabrics for reinforcing utility products like outdoor clothing, sleeping bags and more.

Cosy woven fabrics for warmth & comfort

When it comes to cosy comfort, you can't go past flannelette for its soft fuzzy texture and inviting warmth. You can also find a great range of terry towelling fabrics that are ideal for creating baby swaddles and beautiful fluffy dressing gowns or bathrobes.

Crisp woven fabrics for tailored & smart casual clothing

When it comes to creating chic blouses, dresses and tailored shirts, you can't beat the crisp texture of closely woven cotton. Explore the range of lawns, voiles & batiste at Spotlight for the ultimate in delicate, breathable fabrics that are ideal for tailored applications. You can also discover an extensive selection of linen & linen blends for creating flowing trousers and dresses with an elegant drape and handfeel.

Lightweight woven fabrics for comfort & breathability

At Spotlight, you can find beautiful muslin, cheesecloth, double cloth and seersucker that's perfect for summer garments, baby wraps and accessories like shawls and scarves. With open woven constructions and natural fibre compositions, these lightweight fabrics are perfect for any occasion that calls for softness and breathability. We also have beautiful rayon, viscose, modal, cotton poplin and broadcloth that have versatile sewing, crafting and fashion applications.

Woven Apparel Fabrics FAQs

How do I tell if a fabric is woven?

If you're unsure how your fabric has been constructed you can check by looking closely at the fabric's surface. Woven fabric will have a texture similar to a woven basket, with an alternating pattern of over and under yarns. On the other hand, knitted fabrics will have a series of tiny "v" shapes across the surface, and more inherent stretch than a woven fabric.

What is woven fabric made of?

Woven fabrics can be made from a variety of different fibre types, including polyester, cotton, linen, viscose, rayon and blends of two or more fibres. Consider the inherent properties of these fibres as well as the type of woven construction when choosing the best fabric for your project.

How do I choose the right woven apparel fabric for my project?

Start by thinking about what you're making, and the properties the fabric needs to have to make it work. For example, does it need to be strong and sturdy for a bag, or lightweight and floaty for a summer skirt? You can learn more about choosing the best fabrics for your creations with our dressmaking fabrics buying guide, where we cover construction, types and fibre contents so you can make an informed decision

Shop Every Kind Of Woven Apparel Fabric At Spotlight

Discover a whole world of creative possibilities with Spotlight's extensive range of woven apparel fabrics. Whether you're making soft toys, accessories like bags or a brand new outfit you're sure to find the perfect match for your project. Our selection of woven fabrics ranges from lightweight to heavy duty, and includes printed fabrics, plain fabrics, cotton fabrics and more.

Our massive range of dress & apparel fabrics also includes knitted apparel fabrics for stretch and comfort, and specialty apparel fabrics for formal occasions and costumes. Complete your sewing supplies with lining & interfacing and other essentials like haberdashery, sewing machines & overlockers and paper sewing patterns from our broad range of sewing & fabric supplies.

Shop fabrics online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order, or head into your local Spotlight store to explore the range in person. Stay inspired with our incredible selection of free online sewing projects, and make sure you check out our Create blogs to kick-start your next creative adventure.



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