Christmas Dresden Plate Cushion Cover Project



  • 20cm of six difference Christmas quilting fabrics
  • 20cm of a white Christmas fabric
  • 40x40cm cotton batting
  • 1m of white Prima


Step 1. Start by cutting 18 Dresden plate blades 22cm long x 7cm wide (see template below) from your mix of Christmas fabrics. You will also need to cut 18 left and 18 right side white panels from your white Prima.

Step 2. With a 5mm sewing allowance, start by joining the top of your Dresden plate blade to a left side white panel.

Step 3. Now with a right side white panel, sew the new panel on, pause at the join between all three pieces to lift your sewing machine foot and rotate your pieces for a neat join.

Step 4. Once you have sewn on all of the white panels for each of your 18 Dresden plate blades you can start sewing your blades together to create a full round Dresden plate. Disregard the excess fabric around your edges as we trim these into shape late, and disregard the gap in the centre of your Dresden plate as we will cover this with your white Christmas fabric.

Step 5. Press your finished Dresden plate and cut the full piece into a square providing you leave an even amount of white Prima on each side.

Step 6. Lay your Dresden plate on a square of batting and quilt together.

Step 7. With your white Christmas fabric, cut a circle approx. 10cm across and pin to the centre of your Dresden plate. Sew into place and press.

Step 8. Next to create a cushion pocket cover cut a strip of white Prima 20cm long by the wide of your Dresden plate front. Create a neat seam by folding one long edge over
twice and sewing down.

Step 9. Next sew your pocket cover to the front of your Dresden plate and fold over to create a neat seam along the top edge.

Step 10. To finish, cut a white Prima square the same width as your Dresden plate cushion, but 3cm longer. With those 3cm, create a neat seam by folding the edge over twice and sewing down. Sew your white Prima back to the front of your Dresden plate cushion on three sides (your neat seam should sit unsewn against the same edge as your cushion pocket).

Step 11. Fold inside out and press to reveal your finished Dresden plate cushion cover.



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